Green Koi Cast Iron Teapot


The Green Koi cast iron teapot makes 23.7 ounces or approximately 3 cups of tea. This traditional green teapot is etched with a decorative image of a koi fish, enameled on its interior and it includes a stainless steel strainer. Not only will the choice of a high-quality teapot assist in the overall brewing process, ensuring the best tasting tea, each of the teapots offered represent the Fraser Tea dedication to health and wellness.

Fraser Tea founders, a trio of tea sommeliers and master blenders, understand the importance of choosing just the right teapot. A teapot or tea kettle can make the experience of brewing tea an enjoyable one, and amplify the taste and experience. By offering only high quality cast iron teapots in a variety of colors and styles, it's possible to invest in a kettle you'll use for years to come.

About our teaware

Fraser Tea founders understand the importance of crafting the perfect cup of tea. From timeless traditions to tea ceremonies and a glass of iced tea on the run, Fraser Tea offers high quality accessories to make the process of brewing healthy and organic tea simple. From stainless steel tea infusers to bamboo matcha whisks, cast iron tea pots to glass iced tea makers, all accessories are crafted with wellness in mind.