Meet University of Michigan Lineman Olusegun (Olu) Oluwatimi

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Olusegun (Olu) Oluwatimi is an offensive lineman for the University of Michigan’s football team. After transferring to Michigan following a successful beginning to his collegiate football career at the University of Virginia, Olu instantly found a love for his new community and home here in Michigan and did not hesitate to make himself apart of it. Olu discovered Fraser Tea while scrolling on Instagram and decided he wanted to become involved.

As soon as we started talking with Olu, he was welcomed into the Fraser Tea family with open arms, and we knew this is where he belonged. Olu’s decision to join this family was an easy one for him as he shares a lot of similar values as Fraser Tea. He appreciates how we strive to be environmentally aware, that we take time to get to know everyone we work with, get to know the industry, and stay up to date with our knowledge on tea.

Olusegun (Olu) Oluwatimi

Recently, we invited Olu to our headquarters in Livonia and got to talking and getting to know Olu on our site tour. Learning that he not only loves tea, but he is also an avid chef who loves to try new things in the kitchen, we had so fun brainstorming recipe ideas. Maybe one day Olu will be trying out a recipe featuring one of his favorite Fraser Tea blends, Hot Spicy Cinnamon Organic Black Tea or Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea. We have loved meeting and talking with Olu and lucky for us The University of Michigan is close by, providing us with more opportunities to visit and support Olu at football games this upcoming season!

Olusegun (Olu) Oluwatimi

Be sure to come see Olu play this season and try out his favorite teas Hot Spicy Cinnamon or Cream Earl Grey!