Organic Iced Tea

Organic iced tea blends at Fraser Tea stand apart, just sip our organic iced tea varieties unsweetened or with a little sweetener for an all natural treat .

Organic Iced Tea

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  • Turmeric Ginger Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Turmeric Ginger organic green tea was crafted with organic turmeric and ginger to create a one of a kind tea developed to help reduce inflammation.

  • Trappist Monk Organic Black Tea Organic

    Our Organic Trappist Monk Blend organic black tea blends organic blueberries and cherries with a blend of our organic Assam. It's a great organic iced tea. .

  • Mocktail Sampler Organic

  • Athlete's Recovery Organic Black Tea Organic

    Athletes Recovery Organic Black Tea blends organic turmeric and ginger to create a recovery blend to help fight inflammation and support an active lifestyle.

  • Plum Berry Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Organic Plum Berry oolong tea blends full plums with an exquisite organic oolong tea and other fruits to present a truly flavorful experience.

  • Peach Mango Organic White Tea Organic

    Organic Peach Mango white tea made with delicate white tea leaves infused with the sweetness of organic tropical mangoes and peaches is as good as it sounds.

  • ImmuniTEA Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Organic ImmuniTea Rooibos was crafted to combat sniffles and boost wellness. Amp up your bodies immunity! Enjoy any time of the day over ice or hot.

  • Ginger Lemonade Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Ginger Lemonade Herbal Tea will not only awaken the senses, but also deliver the health benefits of ginger with a lemony finish -enjoyed iced or hot.

  • Sweet Dreams Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Sweet Dreams organic herbal tea blends organic chamomile, lavender into a relaxing blend of organic herbs that will help you relax after a long day.

  • Sweet Sangria Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Sweet Sangria Green Tea captures the essence of the tropics in every glass. Masterfully blended to create an exotic burst of organic tropical flavor.

  • Tropical Night Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Tropical Night organic rooibos tea blends rooibos and chamomile to produce a fruity and relaxing tea. Great hot or as a healthy organic iced tea.

  • Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh is a healthful tea with calming effects. Enjoy the richness of organic chocolate and cream in this fine organic Pu-erh tea.

  • Rainbow Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Organic Rainbow Rooibos tea is colorful and bright packed with organic fruit. This organic tea is healthy, flavorful, caffeine -free and great hot or over ice.

  • Chocolate Coconut Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chocolate Coconut organic herbal tea Artfully balanced with added notes of organic fruit and nuts, it's a great way to taste chocolate without a sip of guilt.

  • Honeybush Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Honeybush Organic Herbal Tea characterized by its sweet honey aroma is naturally sweet and full of antioxidants. Caffeine-free, enjoy all day!

  • Super Energized Organic

    This organic Yerba Mate Mint organic green tea tempers the taste organic yerba mate for a energizing blend that's refreshing. Enjoy hot or iced.

  • Watermelon Lemonade Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Watermelon Lemonade organic green tea is a thirst-quencher poolside as an organic iced tea treat. Fruity and refreshing this one will not disappoint.

  • Coconut Chai Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Coconut Chai Organic Rooibos Tea merges the warm spice of chai with the sweetness of rooibos. Add a splash of coconut milk and sugar and this chai delivers!

  • Berry Blue Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Berry Blue organic herbal tea blends Michigan organic sweet cherries with all-natural organic apples, and hibiscus to create a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

  • Sparkling Champagne Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Sparkling Champagne organic black tea takes the sweet essence of that celebratory, bubbly sparkling wine and blends in all natural organic ingredients.

  • Blueberry Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Blueberry organic rooibos tea is a favorite. This mellow, nutritious organic rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free. Enjoy iced, slightly sweetened, or warm.

  • Hangover Helper Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Hangover Helper organic green tea was handcrafted to help you recover from a night of overindulgence, but is a healthful option anytime, hot or iced.

  • English Breakfast Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic English Breakfast black tea is our one-of-a-kind custom blends created from the finest organic black teas available. Bold and robust, you'll love it!

  • Organic Rooibos Chocolate Cream Organic

    Organic Chocolate Cream Rooibos tea uses only organic ingredients. Add cream for a hot chocolate treat. Drink it hot or iced and you might even skip dessert .

  • Royal Rum & Cola Organic Black Tea Organic

    This Organic Royal Rum & Cola organic black tea is a refreshing summer sipper. Enjoy this tea iced or dare to mix it with rum for a new take on a classic.

  • Jasmine Pearls Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Jasmine Pearls green tea - watch the fragrant pearls unravel, releasing organic nutrients in your cup. This tea is delightful either hot or iced.

  • Poolside Pina Colada Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Poolside Pina Colada organic black tea blend re-envisioned as an organic tea, we suggest you try it iced - or with a little rum if you dare..

  • Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Organic rooibos tea is a naturally sweet, caffeine-free, and packed with antioxidants and a unique nutty flavor to give your body a healthy boost.

  • Pure Energy Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Pure Energy organic green is blended to energize you when you need that little extra boost. The perfect addition for those with an active lifestyle.

  • Yerba Mate Mint Organic Green Tea Organic

    This organic Yerba Mate Mint organic green tea tempers the taste organic yerba mate for a energizing blend that's refreshing. Enjoy hot or iced.

Organic Iced Tea

iced tea fraser teaIced Tea represents America’s largest contribution to the tea industry. While many iced tea beverages have risen to popularity over the years Fraser Tea stands apart.

We pride ourselves on crafting all organic teas. You won't find artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners in our iced tea. That makes it a perfect choice for a healthy pick-me-up at almost any temperature.

For some of the best iced tea varieties we suggest Ginger Lemonade Organic Herbal Tea, Plum Berry Organic Oolong Tea, Sparkling Champagne Organic Black Tea or any of the mocktail-inspired blends.

iced tea fraser teaLittle known fact: Iced Tea can be traced to a novelty beverage available as far back as 1870 in America, however it did not become popular until its debut in the 1904 World’s Fair in St Louis. Iced Tea is often attributed to one Richard Blechynden who dared to add ice to his tea to cool it down on one unbearably hot day. The concept was an instant hit. It's a favorite for us at Fraser Tea, too and we craft our organic teas with iced tea in mind.

Iced Tea accounts for more than 80 percent of tea consumed in the United States. At Fraser Tea, we have created organic iced tea blends to suit any taste, anytime. Like all of our teas, Fraser Tea blends are all organic and sugar-free. We consider our boldly adventurous flavors and one-of-a-kind blends to be the perfect healthy and socially conscious alternative to nearly any other beverage. We hope you'll take a sip and taste the difference.