Organic Matcha Tea

Get a boost of antioxidants in every sip! 100% USDA organic matcha green tea powder farm direct from Japan. Try a ceremonial or flavored matcha today.

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    Matcha Organic Green Tea

    Energize your day with Fraser Tea’s® Matcha Organic Green Tea powder from Japan. Delicious addition to lattes, smoothies, baked goods and more.

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    Ceremonial Matcha Organic Green Tea

    Organic Japanese First Harvest Matcha (Ceremonial Grade) is considered the highest grade matcha available and is packed with the anti-oxidants benefits of 10 cups of conventional green tea..

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    Emperor's Finest Organic Berry Matcha

    Suitable for royalty, Emperor's Finest Berry Organic Matcha Green Tea delivers a perfectly balanced and handcrafted organic Matcha. Drink it for your health!

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    Vanilla Matcha Organic Green Tea

    Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Vanilla Matcha organic green tea blends organic vanilla with Matcha, delicious alone or a healthy addition in your morning smoothie or baked deserts.

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    Raspberry Matcha Organic Green Tea

    Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Raspberry Matcha organic green tea blends organic raspberries with matcha. Try this brewed or sprinkle it on yogurt and snacks for a boost of flavor!

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    Organic Matcha Latte Green Tea

    Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Matcha Latte green tea was handcrafted for those who love a bold morning tea, Matcha provides a boost of energy and is loaded with anti-oxidants.

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    Blueberry Matcha Organic Green Tea

    Love Matcha? You'll want to try our Fair Trade Certified™ Blueberry Matcha organic green tea. This sweet blend is handcrafted by Fraser Tea to create a bold and refreshing beverage.

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    Genmaicha Organic Matcha Tea

    Highest grade Japanese sencha green tea, ceremonial matcha and roasted brown rice are blended into a toasty antioxidant packed Genmaicha Organic Matcha Tea.

Organic Matcha Tea

Fraser Tea organic iced matcha latte with whisk, ice and tea canisters.


What is Organic Matcha Tea?

Fraser Tea® Organic Matcha is crafted from premium Japanese green tea leaves, grown organically in shade. These leaves are carefully steamed, dried, deveined, and stone-ground into a vibrant green powder. Unlike regular tea, where leaves are steeped, matcha powder is mixed with water or dairy, offering a naturally sweet, earthy flavor and added health perks. Matcha is consumed as an emulsion, where the powder doesn't fully dissolve but suspends in the liquid, creating a unique textured experience.

Hot organic matcha is a clear mug with frothy almond milk spooned in on top.

How to Serve and Enjoy Matcha?

Discover delightful ways to savor organic matcha's vivid green hue and unique taste. Here are our top picks for relishing this vibrant tea:

Matcha Latte: Simply add hot water for a creamy, sweetened beverage. For a refreshing twist, craft an iced matcha latte on warm days.

Traditional Matcha Tea: Immerse in the revered Japanese Tea Ceremony by whisking Ceremonial Matcha Organic Green Tea with hot water using a bamboo whisk. The Usucha method yields a thinner tea, while the Kiocha technique offers a richer, frothy consistency. Our matcha set, complete with a bowl, whisk, whisk stand, and bamboo measuring spoon, elevates this ceremonial experience.

Matcha Smoothie: Blend frozen fruits, preferred matcha, and dairy or plant-based alternatives for a vibrant treat. Experiment with raspberry or blueberry organic green teas for a playful twist. Discover Fraser Tea’s® array of fun flavored matcha blends!

Delectable Desserts: Indulge in matcha-infused treats like green tea tiramisu, matcha white chocolate brownies, "nice" cream, donuts, cookies and more.

Breakfast of Champions: Elevate your morning routine by adding a dash of organic matcha to oatmeal or Energize your day with added flavor, antioxidants, and a boost of vitality.

Elevated Libations: Elevate cocktails and mocktails with a burst of matcha's lively green color and umami essence.

Matcha Shots: Ideal when time is scarce, but an energetic lift is needed. Comparable to espresso shots, crafting matcha shots is effortless. Just add a spoonful of your preferred matcha to a few ounces of water in a compact mason jar. Seal tightly, shake vigorously for 15 seconds, and relish a frothy, delectable matcha shot.

White pottery cup with frothy organic matcha inside.

How Much Matcha Per Serving?

The quantity of matcha powder to use depends on your taste preferences and intended application. For an accurate measure, consider our perfect matcha spoon, ensuring you add the right amount of matcha to craft your beloved drink with precision.

Is There Caffeine in Matcha?

Yes, our organic matcha includes approximately 100mg of caffeine in every 1 gram serving when mixed with 4 ounces of water. In comparison, a standard 8-ounce cup of coffee contains approximately 95 mg, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. Nevertheless, unlike coffee, matcha incorporates L-Theanine, a neurotransmitter that promotes effective communication between the body and brain, inducing a sense of relaxation. This can result in increased alertness without the usual caffeine-induced restlessness associated with coffee.

How to Store Matcha?

To preserve matcha's quality, it's advised to keep it in its original pouch or tin. To maintain optimal flavor and health benefits, shield the green tea powder from heat, light, and air to prevent oxidation. When not in use, it's best to keep it refrigerated if possible and only remove the portion you intend to use, returning the remainder to your storage location.

Why Are There Clumps in My Matcha?

Surprisingly, clumping in matcha indicates its premium quality. Fraser Tea® matcha is meticulously stone-ground to prevent excessive heat that might lead to oxidation. This gradual grinding generates static electricity, causing the delicate matcha particles to naturally adhere together. This occurrence is completely normal and signifies the authenticity of our matcha.

Eliminating Matcha Clumps: A Simple Guide

To banish any clumps in our organic matcha green tea, begin by sifting the intended amount through a fine mesh strainer. For an indulgent and velvety drink, commence by incorporating just a tablespoon or two of hot water into your matcha. Then, employ a bamboo whisk in a gentle swishing motion, back and forth, to disperse the clumps before introducing the remaining liquid. This ensures a seamless matcha experience.

Ideal Water Temperature for Matcha

Did you know that you can blend matcha with room temperature or cool water and a whisk? The cool water method is a delicious way to make an iced matcha latte.

Additionally, you can also use warm water. For optimal flavor in your matcha tea blend, we recommend heating water to 195°F (90°C). Water that's excessively hot can scorch the tea, leading to bitterness. Moreover, excessive heat can degrade the tea's valuable nutrients and antioxidants.

Are you ready to elevate your teatime experience? Try one of our organic matcha teas today.