Workout Tea

Enhance your exercise routine and recover faster with our organic Workout Teas. Premium whole leaf tea blends handcrafted to help you work out longer, harder, boost your fat burning potential and pamper tired muscles.

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  • Featured Product Organic

    Athlete's Recovery Organic Black Tea

    Athletes Recovery Organic Black Tea blends organic turmeric and ginger to create a recovery blend to help fight inflammation and support an active lifestyle.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Pure Energy Organic Green Tea

    Organic Pure Energy organic green is blended to energize you when you need that little extra boost. The perfect addition for those with an active lifestyle.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Turmeric Ginger Organic Green Tea

    Organic Turmeric Ginger organic green tea was crafted with organic turmeric and ginger to create a one of a kind tea developed to help reduce inflammation.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Polka Dot Bikini Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Organic Polka Dot Bikini Pu-erh tea blends organic Pu-erh with cocoa and Elertho root to help manage weight and increase stamina- a delicious flavorful treat!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Emperor's Finest Organic Berry Matcha

    Suitable for royalty, Emperor's Finest Berry Organic Matcha Green Tea delivers a perfectly balanced and handcrafted organic Matcha. Drink it for your health!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Organic Green Tea

    Choose our masterfully blended whole leaf Organic Green Tea. Smooth tasting sencha & bancha teas are packed with antioxidants for a healthy everyday beverage.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Spicy Chocolate Chai Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Organic Spicy Chocolate Chai organic Pu-erh Tea blends organic chai with Pu-erh and adds in just the right amount of heat and organic chocolate. Its decadent!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea

    Organic Poppin Chai organic black tea has more caffeine and spice then the traditional organic masala chai. Great with a splash of cream and sugar!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with our sugar free dessert tea! Try our nutty smooth Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh Tea plain or with milk for a guilt free treat.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh is a healthful tea with calming effects. Enjoy the richness of organic chocolate and cream in this fine organic Pu-erh tea.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Golden Monkey Organic Black Tea

    Organic Golden Monkey black Tea tea is slightly sweet and fruit-forward, Golden Monkey organic black tea is a rare treat, and not one to miss-Enjoy hot or iced.

Tea for your Workout

Do you know the best way to correct a workout slump before, after, or even during an exercise routine? Simply enjoy our organic Workout Teas. It’s just as easy as that!

We know how important it is for us to keep moving. However, sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to go to the gym or even finish your workout. That’s exactly why we formulated these organic tea blends.  These blends get you back on track and support your healthy lifestyle.

Are you getting a good night’s sleep, listening to music, or varying your exercise routine – but still have difficulty finishing your exercise routine? Try a cup of Pure Energy Organic Green Tea. Drinking green tea before an intense workout, may help improve sports performance and reduce muscle damage, according to a study done by Alvaro S. Machado et. al 1.

Did you know that drinking Polka Dot Bikini Organic Pu-erh Tea and Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh Tea may help you breakdown fat cells? Wait! Tastes like chocolate and helps you lose weight. Yes, count us in!

The polyphenols in pu-erh, also called puer tea, have been known to decrease the body’s enzyme process involved in the storage of fat. In a randomized placebo-controlled trial performed by Gitte S. Jensen, et al 2., fat loss occurred in the patients arms, legs, trunk and abdomen along with improved blood lipids without any diet restrictions. The only change to the patient’s daily care was drinking pu-erh tea. Try drinking pu-erh tea before or during exercise to jump start your weight loss journey.

Post Workout tea is just as important as pre workout tea. Do you have sore muscles you never even knew you had after, biking, yoga, swimming, and other activities?  We totally get it! That’s exactly why it is important for you to recover after a hard workout.  Your tired achy muscles will enjoy our Athletes Recovery Organic Black Tea and your taste buds will love the freshy fruity flavors.

The next time you find yourself with little or no energy to start or finish your exercise routine, try a blend from our organic Workout Tea collection. Recharge, energize and stay true to your fitness goals.

Workout Tea


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Jensen G., Beaman J., He Y., Guo Z., Sun H., Clinical Interventional Aging, Reduction of body fat and improved lipid profile associated with daily consumption of a Puer tea extract in a hyperlipidemic population: a randomized placebo-controlled trial, Publication Date 2016 March 24.