Detox & Cleanse Tea

Revitalize and restore balance with Fraser Tea’s® organic Detox & Cleanse Tea blends. Specially formulated to work with your body's own natural processes.

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  • Featured Product Organic

    Turmeric Ginger Organic Green Tea

    Organic Turmeric Ginger organic green tea was crafted with organic turmeric and ginger to create a one of a kind tea developed to help reduce inflammation.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Peach Mango Organic White Tea

    Organic Peach Mango white tea made with delicate white tea leaves infused with the sweetness of organic tropical mangoes and peaches is as good as it sounds.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Athlete's Recovery Organic Black Tea

    Athletes Recovery Organic Black Tea blends organic turmeric and ginger to create a recovery blend to help fight inflammation and support an active lifestyle.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Grandma's Blueberry Organic Black Tea

    Organic Grandma's Blueberry Black Tea is infused with organic blueberries and hints of sweet orange. Enjoy Grandma's Blueberry Organic Tea iced or hot.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Go Go Goji Turmeric Organic Rooibos Tea

    This whole leaf organic Rooibos tea blurs the boundaries between excellent health and phenomenal organic flavor. Zesty citrus infused with fruity flavor. This is an excellent iced tea or hot tea.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Organic Honeybunch Berry Dandelion Tea

    Organic Honeybunch Berry Dandelion tea is caffeine-free and filled with flavor, enjoy the health benefits of this detoxifying alternative to sugary beverages.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Jasmine Dandelion Detox Organic Green Tea

    Organic Jasmine Dandelion Detox green tea is the perfect beverage to add to your health regimen. This powerhouse of tea is blended with your health in mind.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Soothing Lemon Mint Organic Green Tea

    Organic Soothing Lemon Mint organic green tea is a blend of organic ginger, lemon balm, and fennel. Refreshing and soothing- its great for an upset stomach.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Mint Chocolate Chip Organic Green Tea

    Organic Mint Chocolate Chip organic green tea combines dark chocolate, all-organic mint and flavor for refreshing great taste. Just add cream and skip desert.

Detox & Cleanse Tea

Organic Detox Tea pouring from a clear glass pot into a cup with a box of Fraser Tea

We are passionate about crafting organic tea blends that aid your body's natural detoxification and cleansing processes. While your body is equipped to maintain balance on its own, our teas provide that extra support, ensuring you feel revitalized and at your best.

There are 3 main categories of organic detox teas. Each works differently to heal your body, and many provide more than one of these benefits.

  1. Digestive Care
  2. Liver health
  3. Removing Toxins


Digestive Care

Do you experience bloating and gas, or suffer with gastrointestinal issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Our Turmeric Ginger Organic Green Tea, enriched with lemon, ginger, and anti-inflammatory turmeric, delights your palate and may also alleviate bloating. A Nutrients Journal study (1) found that turmeric reduced bloating in IBS patients, while ginger aids digestion by facilitating the movement of food through the gastrointestinal system (2). Unlike other brands, our detox teas are gentle, natural, and won't keep you tied to the bathroom.

Liver Health

Indulged a bit too much? Fatty meals and alcohol can stress out your liver. Our Herbal Detox Tea, the Organic Honeybunch Berry Dandelion Tea, is your tasty remedy. Fruity, sweet, and caffeine-free, it combines dandelion—known for liver protection and reducing excess water — with Schisandra berries.(3) Schisandra berries are celebrated for their unique five-flavor profile and antioxidant effects.(4) A delightful way to recover from overindulgence.

Box of Fraser Tea Jasmine Dandelion Detox Organic Green Tea with lemons and hot tea.

Removing Toxins

Kickstart your body's detoxification with our organic green, black, and white tea blends, such as the Mint Chocolate Chip. Packed with catechins (special antioxidants) our tea supports your body's natural cleaning processes. A Journal of Nutrition Biochemistry study (5) highlights green tea's ability to reduce oxidative stress caused by environmental toxins, potentially lowering the risk of cancer.

Tasty Science

Fraser Tea's organic detox and cleanse teas are inspired by both (A) scientific research and (B) taste – bringing a delightful blend of health and enjoyment. From easing digestive discomfort to sweet recovery, our teas support your body's natural processes. Experience the glow from within and embrace a healthier you with Fraser Tea®.

Explore our organic premium tea blends today. Conveniently available in looseleaf or our non-GMO pyramidal tea bags, discover the perfect organic detox and cleanse teas for your well-being.


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