Organic Tea

At Fraser Tea, we partner with organic farms for the finest hand-picked tea leaves, fruits and herbs, create flavorful blends and take them from garden to cup.

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Organic Tea

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  • Organic Anxi Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Anxi Organic Oolong tea is selected from the finest tea gardens. Organic loose-leaf Anxi Oolong is a healthy choice to promote wellness and weight management.

  • Assam Organic Black Tea Organic

    Our Organic Assam black tea is an award-winner, grown in India and used in many of our organic loose leaf black tea blends. Enjoy our organic Assam hot or iced!

  • Athlete's Recovery Organic Black Tea Organic

    Athletes Recovery Organic Black Tea blends organic turmeric and ginger to create a recovery blend to help fight inflammation and support an active lifestyle.

  • Bai Mu Dan Organic White Tea Organic

    Bai Mu Dan organic white tea has a fresh delicate flavor. Organic Bai Mu Dan is loaded anti oxidants. Enjoy hot or iced and reap the benefits.

  • Bancha Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Bancha Green Tea is a second flush harvest. Organic Bancha Green Tea is high in anti-oxidants that can promote your health. Enjoy it hot or iced.

  • Bao Zhong Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Organic Bao Zhong Oolong tea is a treat for those who enjoy a light delicate organic Oolong. Selected from the finest gardens, this tea is a real winner!

  • Berry Blue Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Berry Blue organic herbal tea blends Michigan organic sweet cherries with all-natural organic apples, and hibiscus to create a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

  • Black Tea Sampler Organic

    Fraser Teas Organic Black Tea Sampler box contains 2 samples of 6 different types of our uniquely handcrafted organic black tea in convenient pyramidal sachets.

  • Blueberry Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Love Matcha? You'll want to try our Blueberry Matcha organic green tea. This sweet blend is handcrafted by Fraser Tea to create a bold and refreshing beverage.

  • Blueberry Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Blueberry organic rooibos tea is a favorite. This mellow, nutritious organic rooibos tea is naturally caffeine free. Enjoy iced, slightly sweetened, or warm.

  • Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh blends all organic flavors like honey, caramel and chocolate into a one-of-a-kind tea experience. This tea can aid in weight-loss.

  • Ceylon Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    At Fraser Tea, this Organic Ceylon black tea sets itself apart from other varieties of black tea with its woodsy and fruit-forward notes. Enjoy hot or over ice!

  • Chai Tea Sampler Organic

    Fraser Tea is proud to offer this Organic Chai Tea Sampler Sachet Box.  This sampler box features six different samples of our uniquely crafted organic chai teas.

  • Chamomile Bouquet Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chamomile Bouquet organic green tea is the perfect blend of organic chamomile, jasmine, and lavender flowers, accented by fresh turmeric and rose petals. Enjoy!

  • Chamomile Dream Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chamomile Dream organic herbal tea soothes the mind and body. Try it anytime, with a book before bedtime, or following a restorative meditation practice.

  • Chamomile Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chamomile organic herbal is effective in the evening before bed, organic Chamomile will calm your senses and enhance relaxation; a perfect end to each day.

  • Chocolate Coconut Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chocolate Coconut organic herbal tea Artfully balanced with added notes of organic fruit and nuts, it's a great way to taste chocolate without a sip of guilt.

  • Chocolate Martini Organic Black Tea Organic

    The Chocolate Martini organic black tea is a guilt free and healthy indulgence. Want to splurge? Add chocolate vodka and organic sugar for a cocktail treat!

  • Chocolate Mint Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Chocolate Mint organic rooibos tea has the power to hydrate and fortify with the healthy vitamins and minerals coming from this pure tea and selection of herbs.

  • Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh is a healthful tea with calming effects. Enjoy the richness of organic chocolate and cream in this fine organic Pu-erh tea.

  • Chun Lu Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Chun Lu Tea from Fraser tea is a rare organic green tea that's hard to find outside of China. Organic Chun Lu Tea has pleasant mellow flavor. Enjoy!

  • Cinnamon Swirl Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Cinnamon Swirl Organic Matcha artfully blends sweet and spice to create a flavor sensation. Rich with powerful antioxidants, this matcha blend is a winner!

  • Coconut Chai Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Coconut Chai Organic Rooibos Tea merges the warm spice of chai with the sweetness of rooibos. Add a splash of coconut milk and sugar and this chai delivers!

  • Cognac Swirl Organic Green Tea Organic

    Cognac Swirl Organic Green Tea inspired by the rich warmth of Cognac, this take on a renowned nightcap evokes the same warmth and smooth flavor of the classic.

  • Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Organic

    Vanilla cream blends seamlessly with classic Earl Grey organic black tea to create Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea a delectable flavor delight. Delicious!

  • Cream Earl Grey Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Cream Earl Grey Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea is a fresh take on a classic tea, this rich, creamy tea can be sipped unsweetened or mixed with cream and sugar.

  • Darjeeling Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is considered as the champagne of teas for its distinctive taste Organic Darjeeling tea is one of the world's most coveted teas.

  • Decaffeinated Mango Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Fraser Tea handcrafted its Mango Decaffeinated Organic Green Tea as a treat to enjoy throughout the day. Healthy and refreshing it can be served hot or iced.

  • Dong Ding Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Fraser Tea offers our Organic Dong Ding Oolong tea. It is a medium roasted oolong from the Dong Ding region in Nantov, Taiwan. Healthy and refreshing. Enjoy!

  • Earl Grey Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Earl Grey black tea is crafted from highest quality organic Indian, Sri-Lanka and Chinese black teas. Enjoy one of the world's most famous tea.

  • Earl Grey Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Earl Grey decaffeinated black tea on one of the world's most well-known tea, offers an uncompromising flavor and can be enjoyed any time of day.

  • Earl the Great Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Earl The Great Organic Oolong Tea artfully created by our master blenders combines distinctive high-quality tea into a singular new organic Oolong classic.

  • Emperor's Finest Berry Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic

    Suitable for royalty, Emperor's Finest Berry Organic Matcha Green Tea delivers a perfectly balanced and handcrafted organic Matcha. Drink it for your health!

  • English Breakfast Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic English Breakfast black tea is our one-of-a-kind custom blends created from the finest organic black teas available. Bold and robust, you'll love it!

  • Focus Organic Green Tea Organic

    Focus Organic Green tea supports wellness, alertness, and offers a fresh and vibrant sweet finish. Blended with ingredients to help people with ADHD focus.

  • Fruity Bubblegum Organic White Tea Organic

    Organic Fruity Bubblegum White Tea is a healthy alternative to a sugary beverage, its all-natural and organic.Try it iced for a splendidly refreshing taste .

  • Gaba Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Organic Gaba Oolong is a traditional organic Oolong tea that helps support a healthy lifestyle by offering powerful anti-oxidants and health benefits.

  • Genmatcha Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Genmatcha Green Tea blends both matcha and sencha - two of the most antioxidant-rich teas available, drink its healthy benefits daily hot or iced.

  • Ginger Lemonade Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Ginger Lemonade Herbal Tea will not only awaken the senses, but also deliver the health benefits of ginger with a lemony finish -enjoyed iced or hot.

  • Go Go Goji Turmeric Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Go Go Gogi Tumeric Herbal Tea blurs the boundaries between excellent health and phenomenal flavor. Zesty citrus infused with fruity flavor.

  • Golden Monkey Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Golden Monkey black Tea tea is slightly sweet and fruit-forward, Golden Monkey organic black tea is a rare treat, and not one to miss-Enjoy hot or iced.

  • Grandma's Blueberry  Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Grandma's Blueberry Black Tea is infused with organic blueberries and hints of sweet orange. Enjoy Grandma's Blueberry Organic Tea iced or hot.

  • Green Chai Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Green Chai Green Tea is sure to warm you up, fennel seed and cinnamon round out the bold all-organic flavor. Enjoy it warm, with milk, or iced .

  • Gunpowder Green Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Gunpowder organic green tea is filled with healthy antioxidants known to support a healthy heart, promote fat loss, and strengthen the immune system.

  • Gyokuro Green Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Gyrokuro Green Tea considered one of the best tea grown in Japan. Enjoy the sweet mellow flavor. We proudly offer the finest Gyokuro tea available.

  • Hangover Helper Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Hangover Helper organic green tea was handcrafted to help you recover from a night of overindulgence, but is a healthful option anytime, hot or iced.

  • Herbal Tea Sampler Organic

  • Honey Ginseng Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Honey Ginseng organic green tea is designed to increase your overall well-being and offers all the benefits of a detoxifying organic ginseng .

  • Honeybush Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Honeybush Organic Herbal Tea characterized by its sweet honey aroma is naturally sweet and full of antioxidants. Caffeine-free, enjoy all day!

  • ImmuniTEA Organic Rooibos Tea Organic

    Organic ImmuniTea Rooibos was crafted to combat sniffles and boost wellness. Amp up your bodies immunity! Enjoy any time of the day over ice or hot.

Organic Tea

Fraser Tea developed out of the hobby of creating fresher, more flavorful tea blends and the exploration of tea culture in other parts of the world. Three brothers, Bernard Fraser, Tom Fraser and John Fraser, grew up drinking tea and came to find the many ways in which this simple healthy beverage has the power to foster community, support healthy lifestyles and improve outlook and mood.

Coming from varied backgrounds, all three founders earned certification as tea sommeliers and master blenders before founding Fraser Tea. They take the craft of tea seriously, and foster close relationships with sustainable farms all over the world. By seeking out the finest fresh, organic ingredients, Fraser Tea remains focused on developing unexpected, flavorful blends of tea. It all comes packaged in ways that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Fraser Tea crafts green tea and white tea varieties with antioxidant properties to boost immunity. Organic black tea delivers a robust aroma and energizing boost. Try an Oolong tea and herbal tea to experience a refined subtlety of flavors. And choose Pu-erh tea for health and wellness, rooibos for its calming properties, or Matcha to achieve focus and alertness.

At Fraser Tea, we believe there is a tea to enhance any time or place. Ice a glass of Fruity Bubblegum organic white tea and enjoy it poolside. Dive into Yerba Mate Mint organic green tea to get through the work day focused and alert. Unwind at the end of the day with Chamomile Dream, a signature blend and organic herbal tea.