Organic Black Tea

From organic Darjeeling to organic English Breakfast to Assam, our organic black teas take on the rich, robust flavors and characteristics of their origin.

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    Hot Spicy Cinnamon Made With Organic Black Tea

    Organic Hot Spicy Cinnamon black tea a daring blend of organic black tea balanced with hot spicy cinnamon.

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    Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

    Vanilla cream blends seamlessly with classic Earl Grey organic black tea to create Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea a delectable flavor delight. Delicious!

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    Morning Blend Organic Black Tea

    Organic Morning Blend black tea a daring blend of award-winning organic black teas is balanced with a hint of orange citrus. Rev-up the to start each day.

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    Black Tea Sampler

    Fraser Teas Organic Black Tea Sampler box contains 2 samples of 6 different types of our uniquely handcrafted organic black tea in convenient pyramidal sachets.

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    Signature Blend Tea Sampler

    Whether you’re looking for an organic black tea to start your day, or a caffeine free organic herbal tea to end your day Fraser tea has you covered! This Signature Collection Sampler allows you to try a wide variety of teas.

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    Trappist Monk Organic Black Tea

    Our Organic Trappist Monk Blend organic black tea blends organic blueberries and cherries with a blend of our organic Assam. It's a great organic iced tea. .

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    Sparkling Champagne Organic Black Tea

    Organic Sparkling Champagne organic black tea takes the sweet essence of that celebratory, bubbly sparkling wine and blends in all natural organic ingredients.

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    Royal Rum & Cola Organic Black Tea

    This Organic Royal Rum & Cola organic black tea is a refreshing summer sipper. Enjoy this tea iced or dare to mix it with rum for a new take on a classic.

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    Yunnan Organic Black Tea

    Our Organic Yunnan black organic black tea is a traditional tea. Enjoy Yunnan organic black tea traditionally, or add milk for an extra touch of creaminess.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea

    Organic Poppin Chai organic black tea has more caffeine and spice then the traditional organic masala chai. Great with a splash of cream and sugar!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Poolside Pina Colada Organic Black Tea

    Organic Poolside Pina Colada organic black tea blend re-envisioned as an organic tea, we suggest you try it iced - or with a little rum if you dare..

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    Mocktail Sampler

  • Featured Product

    Loose Leaf Starter Gift Set

    This Starter tea set provides all the tool you need to brew a cup of wonderful loose leaf tea.

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    Overdrive Chai Organic Black Tea

    Wake up your senses with our caffeinated Indian Overdrive Chai Organic Black Tea. Exotic spices like cardamom & chilis will elevate your spiced chai lattes.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Nilgiri Organic Black Tea

    Enjoy Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Nilgiri black tea for its smooth, balanced flavor and for your health and well-being. Intensely aromatic, well-rounded and flavorful. Enjoy!

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    Grandma's Blueberry Organic Black Tea

    Organic Grandma's Blueberry Black Tea is infused with organic blueberries and hints of sweet orange. Enjoy Grandma's Blueberry Organic Tea iced or hot.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Masala Chai Organic Black Tea

    Shop our PREMIUM spiced Indian Masala Chai Organic Black Tea in non-GMO tea bags or whole loose leaf. Bold warming spices pair well with milk & sugar.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Lapsang Souchong Organic Black Tea

    Our Lapsang Souchong Premium Organic Black Tea has a very distinctive smoky flavor. If you enjoy peaty single malt scotch or a good cigar, then this might be your cup of tea! Available in loose bags, or Non GMO composable sachets.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Irish Breakfast Organic Black Tea

    Our blend Organic Irish Breakfast black tea delivers a burst of energy to start your day, enjoy Irish Breakfast Organic Black Tea to help you get up and go.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Golden Monkey Organic Black Tea

    Organic Golden Monkey black Tea tea is slightly sweet and fruit-forward, Golden Monkey organic black tea is a rare treat, and not one to miss-Enjoy hot or iced.

  • Featured Product Organic

    English Breakfast Organic Black Tea

    Organic English Breakfast black tea is our one-of-a-kind custom blends created from the finest organic black teas available. Bold and robust, you'll love it!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Christmas Tea Organic Black Tea

    Enjoy a cheerful cup of our Christmas Tea Organic Black tea! Cinnamon, cranberries & oranges - delight the senses. Shop Now - Christmas Tea party or gift.

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    Celebration Eggnog Organic Black Tea

    Ring in the winter holidays with a cozy cup of our Celebration Eggnog Organic Black Tea. Masterfully blended with rooibos, warming spices without the calories.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

    Organic Earl Grey black tea is crafted from highest quality organic Indian, Sri-Lanka and Chinese black teas. Enjoy one of the world's most famous tea.

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    Decaffeinated Organic Black Tea

    Enjoy sipping a naturally Decaffeinated Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Black Tea anytime of the day. Classic smooth and mellow flavors in a decaf tea!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Decaffeinated Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

    Organic Earl Grey decaffeinated black tea on one of the world's most well-known tea, offers an uncompromising flavor and can be enjoyed any time of day.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Decaffeinated Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

    Fair Trade Certified™ Cream Earl Grey Organic Decaffeinated Black Tea is a fresh take on a classic tea, this rich, creamy tea can be sipped unsweetened or mixed with cream and sugar.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Darjeeling Organic Black Tea

    Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is considered as the champagne of teas for its distinctive taste Organic Darjeeling tea is one of the world's most coveted teas.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Chocolate Martini Organic Black Tea

    The Chocolate Martini organic black tea is a guilt free and healthy indulgence. Want to splurge? Add chocolate vodka and organic sugar for a cocktail treat!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Chai Tea Sampler

    Fraser Tea is proud to offer this Organic Chai Tea Sampler Sachet Box.  This sampler box features six different samples of our uniquely crafted organic chai teas.

  • Featured Product Organic Fair Trade

    Ceylon Organic Black Tea

    Fair Trade Certified™ Ceylon Organic Black Tea from Sri Lanka sets itself apart from other varieties of black tea with its woodsy and fruit-forward notes.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Athlete's Recovery Organic Black Tea

    Athletes Recovery Organic Black Tea blends organic turmeric and ginger to create a recovery blend to help fight inflammation and support an active lifestyle.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Assam Organic Black Tea

    Award winning whole leaf Assam Organic Black Tea is farm direct from sustainable Indian organic tea gardens to your cup. Bold flavor & strong in caffeine.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Apple Spice Gingerbread Organic Black Tea

    Apple Spice Gingerbread Organic Black Tea available in whole leaf or in Non-GMO compostable pyramidal sachets.

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    Holiday Tea Sampler

    Delight any tea lover with our Grand Holiday Gift Tea Basket. Organic teas & decadent Fraser Tea infused chocolates wrapped beautifully & delivered.

Black Tea

organic black tea fraser teaAt Fraser Tea, we hand-select black tea, paying special attention to the region and weather conditions that can influence its overall flavor. Fraser Tea has developed one-of-a-kind mocktail-inspired flavors - like Poolside Pina Colada or Royal Rum & Cola - based on high quality, organic black tea.

Black Tea is best known for its rich flavor and energizing health benefits and makes up 85 percent of the tea consumed in the Western Hemisphere. Fraser Tea crafted inventive varieties like Cream Earl Grey with organic bergamot; Fair Trade Certified Ceylon organic black tea, handpicked from a fair-trade farm in Sri-Lanka and an organic Masala Chai that is blended with the precise combination of spicy ginger, sweet cinnamon and aromatic cardamom.

organic black tea fraser teaLike all teas, Fraser Tea black teas are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Most consider it a shrub or small tree and many tea varieties are developed from this same plant. In particular, black tea is oxidized on a much higher level than white, green or oolong teas. This process alters its color and emboldens its flavor. Expect a more robust taste from a black tea compared to any other option. That's one reason it might as well be considered the coffee of the tea world.

Caffeine is released more rapidly and over a shorter period of time when consuming black teas. Its energizing benefits are often found in breakfast styles, like our Signature Morning Blend.

Black tea is grown in many regions of the globe. Let your taste buds travel without ever putting down your favorite tea cup. You'll taste the influence. India is best known for regions producing Assam and Darjeeling, however black tea also comes from China, from Sri-Lanka and Kenya. Tea takes on the specific flavor characteristics from each of these regions. Become familiar with them and you'll be able to guess where your tea was grown by just one sip.
The taste of  black tea is influenced by  weather conditions and many other environmental factors, so at Fraser Tea we carefully choose the area we select our tea to ensure we are have the finest organic tea leaves.

This variety of tea is filled with polyphenols or antioxidants, both of which may protect cells from cancer. These properties have the power to reduce blood pressure and support cardiovascular health, which may reduce the risk of heart attacks for those who drink it regularly.