Mental Health Tea

Fraser Tea has created many organic tea blends to help improve alertness and cognition. The organic tea and herbs from Ginko to Gotu Kola can keep you going.

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Mental Health Tea

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  • Trappist Monk Organic Black Tea Organic

    Our Organic Trappist Monk Blend organic black tea blends organic blueberries and cherries with a blend of our organic Assam. It's a great organic iced tea. .

  • Poolside Pina Colada Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Poolside Pina Colada organic black tea blend re-envisioned as an organic tea, we suggest you try it iced - or with a little rum if you dare..

  • Morning Blend Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Morning Blend black tea a daring blend of award-winning organic black teas is balanced with a hint of orange citrus. Rev-up the to start each day.

  • Cinnamon Swirl Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Cinnamon Swirl Organic Matcha artfully blends sweet and spice to create a flavor sensation. Rich with powerful antioxidants, this matcha blend is a winner!

  • Nilgiri Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Enjoy Organic Nilgiri black tea for its smooth, balanced flavor and for your health and well-being. Intensely aromatic, well-rounded and flavorful. Enjoy!

  • Royal Rum & Cola Organic Black Tea Organic

    This Organic Royal Rum & Cola organic black tea is a refreshing summer sipper. Enjoy this tea iced or dare to mix it with rum for a new take on a classic.

  • Yunnan Organic Black Tea Organic

    Our Organic Yunnan black organic black tea is a traditional tea. Enjoy Yunnan organic black tea traditionally, or add milk for an extra touch of creaminess.

  • Chamomile Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chamomile organic herbal is effective in the evening before bed, organic Chamomile will calm your senses and enhance relaxation; a perfect end to each day.

  • Darjeeling Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is considered as the champagne of teas for its distinctive taste Organic Darjeeling tea is one of the world's most coveted teas.

  • Irish Breakfast Organic Black Tea Organic

    Our blend Organic Irish Breakfast black tea delivers a burst of energy to start your day, enjoy Irish Breakfast Organic Black Tea to help you get up and go.

  • English Breakfast Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic English Breakfast black tea is our one-of-a-kind custom blends created from the finest organic black teas available. Bold and robust, you'll love it!

  • Assam Organic Black Tea Organic

    Our Organic Assam black tea is an award-winner, grown in India and used in many of our organic loose leaf black tea blends. Enjoy our organic Assam hot or iced!

  • Ceylon Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    At Fraser Tea, this Organic Ceylon black tea sets itself apart from other varieties of black tea with its woodsy and fruit-forward notes. Enjoy hot or over ice!

  • Sparkling Champagne Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Sparkling Champagne organic black tea takes the sweet essence of that celebratory, bubbly sparkling wine and blends in all natural organic ingredients.

  • Chamomile Dream Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chamomile Dream organic herbal tea soothes the mind and body. Try it anytime, with a book before bedtime, or following a restorative meditation practice.

Tea for Mental Health

health and wellness mental health fraser teaSipping tea might be just the brain boost you're seeking. Anyone who relied on a cup of tea to stay focused and awake while studying or at work would hardly be surprised to find out that varieties of tea can improve cognition. What's more exciting, flavors of Sparkling Champagne or Chocolate Martini Organic Black Tea may be as beneficial to mental health as a cup of Focus or Decaffeinated Mango Organic Green Tea are. Trappist Monk Blend, Sweet Dreams Organic Herbal Tea and Lavender Night Organic White Tea all support healthy brain function. Get ready to feel better, stronger and healthier based on your beverage and wellness fraser tea