Fun & Adventure Tea

Can organic tea take you on a taste adventure? Try something new. Taste the flavors and notes of fun organic, delicious blends hand-crafted for you.

Fun & Adventure Tea

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  • Watermelon Oolong Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Organic Watermelon Oolong a unique blend of berries and tropical fruits creates a smooth fruity experience. Enjoy warm or as a refreshing organic iced tea..

  • Tropical Punch Organic Oolong Tea Organic

    Organic Tropical Punch organic Oolong tea blends tropical fruits with Oolong to create a refreshing fruity blend. Great hot or a perfect organic iced tea.

  • Overdrive Chai Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Overdrive chai black tea blends organic black tea, spicy cinnamon, grated ginger, and chili pepper to craft a spicy take on traditional Masala Chai.

  • Spicy Chocolate Chai Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Organic Spicy Chocolate Chai organic Pu-erh Tea blends organic chai with Pu-erh and adds in just the right amount of heat and organic chocolate. Its decadent!

  • Honey Ginseng Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Honey Ginseng organic green tea is designed to increase your overall well-being and offers all the benefits of a detoxifying organic ginseng .

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Organic Green Tea Organic

    Organic Mint Chocolate Chip organic green tea combines dark chocolate, all-organic mint and flavor for refreshing great taste. Just add cream and skip desert.

  • Chocolate Coconut Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Chocolate Coconut organic herbal tea Artfully balanced with added notes of organic fruit and nuts, it's a great way to taste chocolate without a sip of guilt.

  • Take Me to the Tropics Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Organic Take Me to the Tropics organic herbal tea is a great organic iced tea-fruity and fun. Packed with tropical fruits and organic flavor. You'll love it.

  • Berry Blue Organic Herbal Tea Organic

    Berry Blue organic herbal tea blends Michigan organic sweet cherries with all-natural organic apples, and hibiscus to create a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

  • Masala Chai Organic Black Tea Organic

    Organic Masala Chai black tea can be enjoyed alone, part of a weight loss regimen, blended with milk and sugar as a relaxing treat. A spicy addition to any day.

Fun & Adventure Tea

mood and activity fun and adventure fraser teaWhen we develop bold flavorful teas at Fraser Tea, we have adventure in mind. Choose from a tea or blend that takes you out of the ordinary and into extraordinary natural and all organic flavors. Taste tea in a new way and let your imagination unfold. Sweeten your day with our Berry Blue organic herbal tea or take on the spice of Zesty Chai organic pu-erh tea. Venture to parts unknown with the combination of spices, sweetness and ripe coconut bursting through our Organic Coconut Chai. Picture a perfect sunset and sip Peach Mango organic white tea. You may just feel transported there. Our adventurous flavors create a one-of-a-kind tea experience, you have to taste to understand. mood and activity fun and adventure fraser tea