Wake Up & Focus Tea

Increase your mental clarity, alertness, and cognitive function with the help of Fraser Tea’s organic Wake Up & Focus Tea collection.

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    Focus Organic Green Tea

    Focus Organic Green tea supports wellness, alertness, and offers a fresh and vibrant sweet finish. Blended with goto cola which may aid mental focus.

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    Hot Spicy Cinnamon Made With Organic Black Tea

    Organic Hot Spicy Cinnamon black tea a daring blend of organic black tea balanced with hot spicy cinnamon.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Morning Blend Organic Black Tea

    Organic Morning Blend black tea a daring blend of award-winning organic black teas is balanced with a hint of orange citrus. Rev-up the to start each day.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea

    Vanilla cream blends seamlessly with classic Earl Grey organic black tea to create Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea a delectable flavor delight. Delicious!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Trappist Monk Organic Black Tea

    Our Organic Trappist Monk Blend organic black tea blends organic blueberries and cherries with a blend of our organic Assam. It's a great organic iced tea. .

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    Jasmine Rose Organic Green Tea

    Organic Jasmine Rose green tea is scented with both jasmine blossoms and rose petals to produce its floral aroma- a relaxing and healthy tea for day or night.

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    Watermelon Lemonade Organic Green Tea

    Organic Watermelon Lemonade organic green tea is a thirst-quencher poolside as an organic iced tea treat. Fruity and refreshing this one will not disappoint.

  • Featured Product Organic

    English Breakfast Organic Black Tea

    Organic English Breakfast black tea is our one-of-a-kind custom blends created from the finest organic black teas available. Bold and robust, you'll love it!

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    Iron Goddess of Mercy Organic Oolong Tea

    Organic Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong tea is an exceptional and rare tea that delivers anti-oxidants which may benefit heart health, digestion and weight loss.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Irish Breakfast Organic Black Tea

    Our blend Organic Irish Breakfast black tea delivers a burst of energy to start your day, enjoy Irish Breakfast Organic Black Tea to help you get up and go.

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    Jasmine Pearls Organic Green Tea

    Organic Jasmine Pearls green tea - watch the fragrant pearls unravel, releasing organic nutrients in your cup. This tea is delightful either hot or iced.

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    Mint Lemonade Organic Green Tea

    Organic Mint Lemonade organic green tea offers a pleasing summer refresher any time of year. Great hot or even better iced. A fully-organic healthy beverage.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Pu-erh Organic Tea

    This distinctive Organic Pu-erh Tea is handpicked from the Yunnan Provence in China known for its relaxation and health benefits. Enjoy the tea's complexity.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Darjeeling Organic Black Tea

    Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is considered as the champagne of teas for its distinctive taste Organic Darjeeling tea is one of the world's most coveted teas.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Gunpowder Green Organic Green Tea

    Organic Gunpowder organic green tea is filled with healthy antioxidants known to support a healthy heart, promote fat loss, and strengthen the immune system.

  • Featured Product Organic Fair Trade

    Ceylon Organic Black Tea

    Fair Trade Certified™ Ceylon Organic Black Tea from Sri Lanka sets itself apart from other varieties of black tea with its woodsy and fruit-forward notes.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Anxi Organic Oolong Tea

    Handpicked from the finest tea gardens, our Anxi Organic Oolong Tea has a delicate buttery flavor & sweet aroma that changes slightly with each steep.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Dong Ding Organic Oolong Tea

    Fraser Tea offers our Organic Dong Ding Oolong tea. It is a medium roasted oolong from the Dong Ding region in Nantov, Taiwan. Healthy and refreshing. Enjoy!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Rare Anxi Ti Guan Yin Organic Oolong Tea

    Organic Anxi Ti Guan Yin organic oolong tea is a rare treat. Hand-rolled tea leaves are rolled into balls to represent the dragonfly's head. Limited supply!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Yunnan Organic Black Tea

    Our Organic Yunnan black organic black tea is a traditional tea. Enjoy Yunnan organic black tea traditionally, or add milk for an extra touch of creaminess.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Shuixan Organic Oolong Tea

    Organic Shuixan Organic Oolong Tea is a unique baked tea from the Wuyi mountain region. This area is known for their fine quality oolongs. Complex and smooth.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Sechung Oolong Organic Oolong Tea

    Organic Sechung Oolong organic tea translates to Black Dragon. Fans of Oolong's will enjoy this semi-fermented tea's smooth mellow flavor.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Wuyi Da Hong Pao Organic Oolong Tea

    Organic Wuyi Da Hong Pao organic Oolong tea is for those who enjoy rich smoky flavors. The roasting process makes this tea unique. Savor every sip!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Jinxuan Organic Oolong Tea

    Organic Jinxuan oolong tea offers a milky flavor and buttery finish that is unique to this variety. The warm buttery finish will keep you coming back. .

  • Featured Product Organic

    Oriental Beauty Organic Oolong Tea

    Indulge in the most famous champagne of Taiwan oolong teas! The delicate white tips of Oriental Beauty Organic Oolong Tea have a honey fruity aroma.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Assam Organic Black Tea

    Award winning whole leaf Assam Organic Black Tea is farm direct from sustainable Indian organic tea gardens to your cup. Bold flavor & strong in caffeine.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Lapsang Souchong Organic Black Tea

    Our Lapsang Souchong Premium Organic Black Tea has a very distinctive smoky flavor. If you enjoy peaty single malt scotch or a good cigar, then this might be your cup of tea! Available in loose bags, or Non GMO composable sachets.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Tuo Cha Organic Pu-erh Tea Cake

    New to Pu-erh tea? Brew our fermented Yunnan Tuo Cha Organic Pu-erh Tea Cake. Rich and smooth dark tea with sweet fruit notes.

Tea to Wake Up & Focus

health and wellness wake up and focus fraser tea

Increase your mental clarity, alertness, and cognitive function with the help of Fraser Tea’s organic Wake Up & Focus Tea collection. Tackle the day the right way!

Get Going: For many, getting motivated to start the day requires some serious planning and an energizing cup of tea.  Our Wake Up & Focus Tea collection includes organic green, oolong, black and pu-erh teas to help you jump start your day. They are available in both loose leaf and in non-GMO pyramidal tea bags to make it convenient for taking tea on the go or enjoying the tea ritual at home.

Avoid the Crash: Have you ever tried a sugar-filled cola or “energy drink” to help you study for an exam or get through that 12-hour shift? Did you feel great at first, but then felt even worse after the sugar and caffeine crash? Try our handcrafted organic teas for energy.  Teas like Focus Organic Green Tea give your brain a boost, and deliver a sense of calm with health benefits

Stay Focused: Stay alert and ready for action with a delicious cup of Morning Blend Organic Black Tea with invigorating orange peel. To stay focused in the afternoon, try Dong Ding Organic Oolong. This Oolong will it perk you right up, and you’re going to love the natural fruity smooth flavors of this premium tea. 

‘Smooth’ Variations: One morning ritual that helps us start the day is to make a healthy smoothie. We add a banana, ground flax or chia seeds, non-dairy of choice and a scoop or two of our tropical Mango Peach Matcha Organic Green Tea and blend.  Matcha, unlike coffee, will help you wake up and focus without the caffeine jitters.  Give it a try!

Sometimes a restful night's sleep is not quite enough to get you through the challenges of the workday. Grab a healthy tea for energy and focus – tackle the day the right way.