Organic Pu-erh Tea

Organic Pu-erh tea blends like Polka Dot Bikini Pu-erh and Spicy Chocolate Chai organic pu-erh mixed with a splash of cream create a naturally healthy treat.

Organic Pu-erh Tea

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  • Spicy Chocolate Chai Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Organic Spicy Chocolate Chai organic Pu-erh Tea blends organic chai with Pu-erh and adds in just the right amount of heat and organic chocolate. Its decadent!

  • Chocolate Martini Organic Black Tea Organic

    The Chocolate Martini organic black tea is a guilt free and healthy indulgence. Want to splurge? Add chocolate vodka and organic sugar for a cocktail treat!

  • Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh is a healthful tea with calming effects. Enjoy the richness of organic chocolate and cream in this fine organic Pu-erh tea.

  • Polka Dot Bikini Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Organic Polka Dot Bikini Pu-erh tea blends organic Pu-erh with cocoa and Elertho root to help manage weight and increase stamina- a delicious flavorful treat!

  • Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh blends all organic flavors like honey, caramel and chocolate into a one-of-a-kind tea experience. This tea can aid in weight-loss.

  • Organic Pu-erh Tea Organic

    This distinctive Organic Pu-erh Tea is handpicked from the Yunnan Provence in China known for its relaxation and health benefits. Enjoy the tea's complexity.

Organic Pu-erh Tea

organic pu-erh tea fraser teaNamed after Pu-erh County in Yunnun, China, Organic Pu-erh Tea is made from the large leaf variety of the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The tea is typically identified as a post fermented product. Unlike other teas, which should be consumed shortly after harvesting, Pu-erh is typically aged for many years. This tea is often classified by the region from which it is derived and the year of production, similar to fine wines.

Pu-erh tea comes compressed into a cake or are packaged in loose form. It's a long journey from the tea garden to your cup. These are difficult teas to identify and counterfeit varieties are often found on the market. True Pu-erh teas are 10-50 years old, with some dating back to the Qing Dynasty. At Fraser Tea, varieties of organic pu-erh tea like Polka Dot Bikini organic Pu-erh tea offer a treat while helping to break down fat cells.

organic pu-erh tea fraser teaYou can tell a Pu-erh by its earthy, woodsy or mossy flavor. These tea leaves don't easily lose their flavor and can be steeped up to 10 times offering a different level of complexity and depth with each brewing. The more the leaves are steeped, the more mellow the flavor becomes.

Pu-erh is famed for its medicinal properties. Unlike other teas, Pu-erh contains lovastatin, a medicine commonly used in lowering cholesterol levels. A diet rich in Pu-erh may help manage triglycerides and Bad (LDL) cholesterol. In addition, the tea stimulates digestion and contains probiotics which may aid in gut health.