Matcha Accessories

At Fraser Tea, we offer full matcha sets and individual items like matcha whisks, to round out any tea ware collection.

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Matcha Accessories

teaware matcha accessories fraser teaOur Matcha Set offers style and evokes the ritual of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Bring the comfort of matcha home with this 3-piece ceramic set. Whether you're a matcha fan already or just starting out, the full matcha set by Fraser Tea will offer all you need to craft the perfect beverage. It consists of a ceramic matcha tea bowl, measuring spoon and matcha whisk.

Fraser Tea offers its own Matcha Whisk for those who enjoy this one-of-a-kind healthy beverage. Using this bamboo whisk, it's simple and necessary to stir up a vibrant matcha. Choose from any of Fraser Tea signature varieties of matcha and enjoy.

teaware matcha accessories fraser teaFor those serious matcha tea aficionados, Fraser Tea offers a Matcha Whisk Holder. Made of green porcelain, this is the perfect way to store your bamboo matcha whisk when it's not used to stir tea.

Portion out the perfect amount of your fine powdery green matcha with a signature Fraser Tea Matcha Spoon. The spoon will make the process of making this type of tea that much easier. Perfect the process of making matcha tea every time with our tea ware which makes a great gift for any special somebody in your life.