Organic White Tea

Organic white tea is mixed in many blends of Fraser Tea. Try our Organic Peach Mango White Tea blend or our Lavender Night for a refreshing healthy boast.

Organic White Tea

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    Whether you’re looking for an organic black tea to start your day, or a caffeine free organic herbal tea to end your day Fraser tea has you covered! This Signature Collection Sampler allows you to try a wide variety of teas.

Organic White Tea

organic white tea fraser teaWhite tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant like other teas, but only top youngest plant leaves are picked. White tea leaves undergo the least processing of all varieties. When Fraser Tea chooses leaves for a blend like its Peach Mango Organic White Tea, the tropical flavors steep into every sip.

The top leaves from the plant are plucked just before they are fully opened and allowed to dry naturally in the sun. The tiny, white, silvery hairs found on the underside of these leaves give it its name and color. White Tea isn't always available. It is typically harvested during a short window in spring, from March 15 to April 10 in most locations. Because the harvesting season is so short and the leaves are hand-picked white teas are often rare and may be more expensive.

organic white tea fraser teaIn fact, some white tea styles require more than 60,000 leaves to create only 1 pound of white tea. It can take a full day of harvesting to secure them. It's this rare quality that makes White Tea such a treat. Fraser Tea chooses a variety that is characterized by a very delicate flavor with notes of apricots, peaches and honey. Its sweet and fruit-forward flavor makes White Tea a perfect pick for iced tea.

Since white tea undergoes the least processing its antioxidant levels and free radical fighting power tends to be the most concentrated. This is hands down one of the most treasured qualities of white tea. It contains more antioxidant polyphenols then green and black tea - making it a healthy option for glowing skin, too. A steeped white tea can even double as a skin toner and is thought to reduce the signs of aging when applied directly to the skin.

At Fraser Tea, we offer more traditional varieties or those with a bit of whimsy. A signature tea by Fraser Tea, Fruity Bubblegum offers a sweet, refreshing treat you won't find in other varieties. Take it poolside, iced, and enjoy.