Brewing a Better Future: Fraser Tea's B Corp Certification Journey

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Family - it’s where it all began!

The core values of Fraser Tea® started decades before the formation of the company, and originated in our family of 11, and grew via close ties throughout our community growing up. Rooted in values centered around love for family, community, and the environment, today our commitment has extended beyond our immediate circle to embrace our valued customers.

What began as a personal mission to create healthier alternatives for our children, has evolved into a B Corp certified venture, recognition for the enduring principles that guide us toward a healthier, more sustainable future.

We take immense pride in the recognition we have received for upholding high standards in social and environmental metrics. This has been acknowledged by the Standards Advisory Council at the B Lab, a non-profit organization.  Now Fraser Tea® joins esteemed brands like Patagonia® and Ben & Jerry's® in this B Corporation global movement.

Fraser Tea Morning Blend Box laying on top of fresh tea plants.

What is B Corp Certification?

While our Organic and Fair-Trade certifications focus on agricultural and trade practices, B Corp certification is a broader recognition of a company’s commitment to benefiting workers, society, and the environment – all while maintaining sustainable profitability. Let’s explore what B Corp is, why it holds immense importance, and the distinct criteria employed for achieving this socially driven certification.

According to the B Lab Global Group, it's a designation affirming that a business meets high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency. These standards encompass a range of factors, from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. B Corp signifies a commitment for a company to not only be profitable but also to prioritize the well-being of its people and the environment.

Why is it Important?

Above and beyond certifications for high standards or processes, B - Corp Certification measure the presence of a profound impact on the entire ecosystem. For Fraser Tea® we this means every cup of tea delights your taste buds, and reflects a commitment to happy families, content employees, a preserved environment, and satisfied customers.

At Fraser Tea®, we know our commercial success is maintained when our business practices contribute to the well-being of all these elements. B Corp Certification isn't just a badge to hang on the wall; it's a testament to our dedication to a holistic approach that ensures the happiness of our extended family, both at home and within our tea-loving community.

Fraser Tea B Corporation 5 core impact areas

5 Core Impact Areas

To achieve B Corp certification, a company must meet rigorous requirements, scoring 80 points or above (and we proudly scored a total of 109.3) across 5 core impact areas:

  1. Governance
  2. Workers
  3. Community
  4. Environment
  5. Customers

Join us as we explore the specifics of these five-core requirements that set our organic tea company apart from the rest.

Governance: Nurturing Accountability and Transparency

In the realm of B Corp Certification, governance encompasses a set of rules, practices, or mission statements that guide a business to be profitable while remaining accountable to both shareholders and stakeholders. At Fraser Tea®, our guiding mission is to collaborate with tea plantations, hand-select the finest leaves, craft them into unique flavor experiences, preserve their health benefits, and deliver them fresh to you.

Every decision we make revolves around accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsibility to both our family owners and the members of the local community who may be impacted by our business.

An illustrative example of our commitment to governance is our founders' worldwide quest for the finest organic tea leaves for our unique blends. To ensure quality assurance, we personally visit eco-conscious tea farms like KlipOpMekaar in South Africa, where premium Fair Trade Certified rooibos is grown, and Kanchanjangha Tea Estate (KTE) in Nepal.

During these visits, we evaluate not only the prime tea leaves but also the treatment of workers. This hands-on approach aligns with our governance principles, ensuring that our sourcing practices adhere to the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

Fraser Tea family members by a blue Fraser Tea truck.

Workers: A Family-Centric Approach to Empowerment

The 2nd core impact area evaluated is workers. The focus is on evaluating a company's capacity to provide a safe, sustainable work environment and empower its staff. At Fraser Tea®, where our journey began with the bond of family, our commitment extends beyond our core worker base to include tea farmers and distributors. Our supply chain and wholesale business are not just external entities; they are an integral extension of our company.

What sets Fraser Tea® apart is our unwavering commitment to treating everyone as family. Our team is composed mostly of family members spanning two generations, and this family-like atmosphere spreads throughout everything we do.

From the tea farmers cultivating our premium leaves to the distributors connecting Fraser Tea® with the world, everyone is embraced and empowered like family. This family-centric approach forms the foundation of a workplace where safety, sustainability, and self-empowerment thrive, ensuring that every contributor to our journey feels connected, valued, and supported.

Community: Making a Difference Where It Matters

Our commitment to giving back to the community is at the core of who we are. We are especially proud of our work shown below:

Pandemic Support: During the lockdown, we donated tea to the Detroit Rescue Mission and Capuchin Soup Kitchen, aiding those in need. Teaming up with Biggby Coffee, we supported our first responders.

New Mothers Support: Partnering with the Say Detroit baby shower, we provided gift baskets to support new mothers in need. We cherish the opportunity to stand by these women and their community, spreading support and blessings.

Education Initiatives: We've engaged with the community by educating the Madonna University nutrition class on the benefits of tea, offering tours, and conducting tastings.

Cancer Patient Support: Partnership with the Cancer Buddy App.

Nature Center Partnership: Collaborating with the Farmington Nature Center for their Children’s Garden program.

Our roots may be in Michigan, but our brand reaches far beyond. At Fraser Tea®, community isn't just a location—it's a network of hearts we touch and support wherever our tea journey takes us.

Fraser Tea cups in the natural environment

Environment: Nurturing Nature, One Tea Bag at a Time

In the Environment category, the B Lab team meticulously evaluated our commitment to earth-friendly practices. They focused on waste reduction, environmental impact, and sustainability across various fronts—air, water, land, biodiversity, and the supply chain.

Recognizing that the path forward involves creating a tea product that's not only healthy and delicious but also contributes to a more sustainable future. We made this a core value at Fraser Tea®. Introducing the first-of-its-kind non-GMO pyramidal tea bag made entirely of organic plant material - no plastic! Our sachets, tags, and strings are fully compostable, and the boxes are biodegradable. This isn't just a healthier choice for our customers; it's a commitment to a healthier community and planet.

Our environmental efforts have garnered recognition, including the Green Leaf Award from the city of Livonia, applauding our dedication to promoting conservation and sustainable development. At Fraser Tea®, we believe that every tea bag has the power to make a positive impact on the environment, one sip at a time.

Customers: An Extension of the Fraser Tea® Family!

Our dedication to putting your needs first stems from our belief that you are an integral part of our ever-growing family. Your voice matters, and we actively listen to your feedback. Many of your valuable suggestions, such as including more tea in the bags for a substantial to-go experience, longer tea strings for larger mugs, and introducing a caffeine-free version of our Hot Spicy Cinnamon tea, have been implemented. We see our customers not just as patrons but as cherished members of our extended family.

Welcome to the Fraser Tea family! As a B Corp certified brand, we're committed to your well-being and our planet. Explore our organic teas and shop now to be a part of our journey toward a healthier, more sustainable future.