Meet US Olympic Athlete Jake Vedder!

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Hailing from Pinckney Michigan, US Olympic snowboarder Jake Vedder has always found a way to honor and remember the people and places that formed him into the person and athlete he is today - even while away at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Since returning from the Olympics, Jake has wanted to give back and show his support for local businesses. To Jake, Fraser Tea is one of those local businesses that he has related to and felt a connection with. Discovering Fraser Tea after his mom packed some samples in one of his snowboarding bags, Jake was impressed by the both the product quality and Fraser Tea’s local roots.

Jake Vedder

Since then, Jake showed support and shared values with our healthy, organic, and sustainable mission. He likes to start the day with a glass of Fraser Tea or drink some on the slopes to soothe a sore throat caused by the cold air. Jake has become a fan of Fraser Tea as we have become a fan of his!

Recently, Jake was welcomed into the Fraser Tea family when he paid us a visit at our headquarters in Livonia, Michigan. During his visit we had a small tea tasting and got to learn more about Jake’s upbringing and career.

Jake Vedder

While sampling everyone’s favorite blends, we swapped beloved travel stories with Jake and learned what it takes to become and Olympic athlete - we even learned that Jake’s favorite Fraser Tea blends are Minty Green and Strawberry Hibiscus! Getting to know Jake has been a pleasure and we can’t wait to continue getting to know him and supporting him as he furthers his snowboarding career.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Jake at the next big snowboarding competition and remember to try one of Jake’s favorite Fraser Tea blends- Minty Green or Strawberry Hibiscus!