We Found the Best Matcha Powder in Japan

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After a year’s tireless global search, Fraser Tea finally found the best organic matcha. Finding the highest quality matcha powder is no easy feat. Through the process of ordering, tasting, and comparing only one matcha came out on top. We love a family company, and in a stroke of luck the matcha is produced by a family farm in Japan. To verify our perfect matcha, the final step was to take a trip to where it is grown.

Mt Fuji (Image taken by Amelia Fraser)

The Journey

A three-month planning process finally ended when this past spring I got the privilege to go on a trip to Japan with my dad, John Fraser, and my brother and sister, Greg and Lydia. I’m Amelia Fraser and apart from being the one to tell you about our trip to Japan, I’m also John’s middle child and a proud, lifelong Fraser Tea employee.

After a twelve-hour flight, during which time stood still, we finally landed in Tokyo, Japan. But still we were far from our destination. We all got a quick nap before getting up and beginning our nine-hour road trip to Kyoto. But what’s a road trip without a few stops? Lucky for us Mt. Fuji was just a tad out of the way and was a perfect place to stretch our legs. No, we didn’t climb it, though my brother wanted to. We were lucky enough to see it on a perfectly clear day. Which we are told is a rare sight.

Once settled in Kyoto, we decided we weren’t sick of driving just yet and decided to take a few day trips to try and see as much of Japan as possible in just over a week. As fun as that is, our priority was seeing where our matcha came from. We made plans to have a business day with the brothers and owners of the team farm and see up close where Fraser Tea’s matcha comes from.

The Tea

Starting bright and early we left our hotel and headed over to the tea fields. There we met up with the owner and three brothers who were happy to personally tour us around. We headed around and toured various fields and learned more about the process of growing organic matcha. The different picking seasons, growing periods, and shading periods have been developed for generations to craft the perfect high quality matcha.

Greg, John, Lydia left to right (Image taken by Amelia Fraser)

Driving around and talking with the owners of the farms I was pleased to learn that like us, most of Japan is family businesses. Once a family learns and specializes in a trade, that practice gets passed on for generations, constantly improving their craft.

After checking out the fields we headed to the processing facilities. It was here where we saw the process the tea leaves go through after being picked. Various levels of steaming, drying, sorting, cutting, grinding, the leaves are ground down in the powered matcha that Fraser Tea delivers to you.

Matcha grindstone (Image taken by John Fraser)

Each process the leaves go through has been perfected through years of experience, leaving you with the perfect cup of matcha. An example of this is matcha grindstones. Each individual grindstone was handcrafted by a process passed down for generations. The two stones grinding together breaks down the tea leaves into the matcha powder we are familiar with. Though it takes longer, it ensures a more authentic flavor. There are very few remaining farms who still use this practice to preserve the flavors and health benefits that are cultivated in the matcha during growing.

After seeing all that tea, we would have been insane not to try some. Our hosts were kind enough to set up a tasting and join us so we could see taste matcha from all different grades and harvests. This solidified that our Fraser Tea Organic Ceremonial Matcha and other Organic Matcha is the best fit for our customers. A quick trip back to the hotel and then met back up to enjoy a traditional Japanese dinner in the historical city of Higashiyama.

Headed Home

I expected a dull business day out of this portion of the trip. Me and my siblings left with it being one of our favorite days. Now we’re back home, at work, and we get to know what it’s like where Fraser Tea’s organic matcha comes from and the people who made it.

I can now say with even more confidence than before that Fraser Tea matcha is of the highest quality. It is handcrafted for you to enjoy and feel secure in the knowledge that it is ethically produced, all organic, non-GMO, and full of health benefits. Shop our Organic Ceremonial Matcha and other Organic Matcha to get a taste of our handcrafted matcha.


Amelia Fraser