Chai Spiced Apple Cider

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Fraser Tea Chai Spiced Apple Cider recipe is a warming, immune-boosting mulled organic tea beverage that will spice-up your autumn.

Our apple cider chai latte is like taking a sip of autumn. Hot apple cider is infused with our Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea with its essence of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and topped with a little frothed almond milk. It’s like drinking a chai latte and mulled apple cider combination in one delicious cup.

The leaves are changing colors, the cider mills are open, the tractors are pulling the hayrides. What’s better than a delicious hot mug of Chai Spiced Apple Cider for the perfect fall day.

Serves 4

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Infusion Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes


 Apple cider – 4 cups

  • Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea – 4 tea sachets (tea bags) or 4 heaping teaspoons loose leaf tea
  • Whipping cream or frothed non-dairy of choice – optional garnish
  • Dried ground cinnamon – optional garnish


  • Heat apple cider on the stove top in a pan until gently simmering (195 degrees F to 205 degrees F) or in the microwave for 3 minutes until piping hot. Remove from stove top or microwave.
  • Steep Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea sachets or loose leaf in hot apple cider for about 5 minutes. Remove tea sachet or strain out loose leaf tea.
  • If desired, beat cold Whipping Cream, maple syrup and vanilla in a very cold bowl with chilled beaters for about 2 minutes until stiff peaks form. (To keep this recipe vegan, you can also use frothed non-dairy of choice as shown)
  • Pour hot Chai Spiced Apple Cider in mugs. If desired, garnish with a little whipped cream or frothed non-dairy of choice and sprinkle with a little ground dried cinnamon. Enjoy!

 Recipe Notes:

  • Chai Spiced Apple Cider is also delicious brewed with Hot Spicy Cinnamon Organic Black Tea and Masala Chai Organic Black Tea
  • If you want to make this recipe caffeine free, brew your apple cider with our delicious Coconut Chai Organic Rooibos Tea.
  • Leftover cooled Chai Spiced Apple Cider can be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to five days.
  • Adding a little frothed non-dairy or a dollop of whipping cream on top of your chai infused apple cider is completely optional, but it is so delicious.

Two Delicious Beverages in One

Have you ever thought to yourself, should I get the chai latte or a hot apple cider? Now, you can have both. With our autumn mulled apple cider recipe, you can enjoy both flavors in one delicious steaming mug. Our Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea is flavored with notes of cinnamon, peppers, ginger and cardamom. Theses delightful organic spices and black tea infuse the naturally sweet apple cider for the perfect warming spice flavor and aroma.

Health Benefits of Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea

The change of seasons can bring the cold and flu. We do not want you missing out on visiting the pumpkin patches, hayrides or jumping in the leaves, so let’s boost your immunity.

Our Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea is made with organic Black Tea, Cardamom, Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger, Red Chili Pepper and Pink Peppercorns. This delicious chai has over 70 mg of caffeine per cup to keep you alert and on task. Poppin Chai is smooth and aromatic – with a delicious kick of spicy chili and cinnamon to warm you right up.

According to the Molecular Diversity Preservation International institute in Switzerland (MDPI), L-theanine in black tea may help support a healthy immune function and make you less likely to get the common cold and flu. L-Theanine is a an amino-acid that is found in black tea, green tea and some mushrooms. Our bodies do not naturally produce this amino acid. In addition, black tea can provide protection against many chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH).

However, it’s the delicious addition of spices that makes our Poppin Chai Organic Black Tea a nourishing tea with warming spices. The fall season is generally damp and cool.  This is the time of the year that we need to take extra care of our bodies. Warming spices like cinnamon, peppers (chilis) and cardamom are very beneficial as they heat our bodies internally. They warm you up from the inside out. If you want to learn more about this, be sure to check out our Wellness Section.

Traditional herbal medicine has been using spices for years to prevent and treat many conditions. If you have a cold or flu, cardamom may help relieve chest congestion. According to NIH, cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitumor, cardiovascular, cholesterol-lowering, and immunomodulatory effects.

Chai It; You May Like It!

This super easy Apple Cider Chai Latte recipe is just what you need to make the autumn season extra special.

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