Gunpowder Green Organic Green Tea


With leaves resembling small rolled "gunpowder" pellets, Gunpowder Green Organic Green Tea, explodes with flavor when steeped. As the leaves unroll and expand, the unique flavor and health benefits are released.  Filled with healthy antioxidants and traditionally used in Chinese medicine, gunpowder organic tea is known to support a healthy heart, promote fat loss, and strengthen the immune system.


Delicate and light with sweet grassy flavors and a nutty, smoky undertone


Organic Gunpowder Green Tea


50 Milligrams of Caffeine

Who Grew Your Tea?

China leads the world when it comes to the production of tea.The tea industry accounts for more than 1 million tons of tea harvested annually and employs more than 80 million people. When Fraser Tea founders sought to source its...

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet


2 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea

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