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Grown in Provence France and derived from the mint family, lavender is identified by its purple petals.  Lavender flowers are gathered when they first start to bloom, then dried on cloths. Fraser Tea uses lavender for its unique pronounced aroma and agreeable floral flavor. Herbalists recommend Lavender to treat migraines, ease digestion problems and to sooth the nervous system. 
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Grown in Thailand and native to Asia, Lemongrass is known for its long slender leaves with hard purple-tinged stems. It grows in tropical climates and has a sweet, fragrant lemony scent. Fraser Tea uses lemongrass for its light citrus flavor and its ability to add extra depth and character to its tea. Lemongrass contains vitamins and minerals and is used to detoxify, help fight cancer, aid in the treatment of diabetes and many other ailments.


Lavender Paradise Organic White Tea blends the calming properties found in organic lavender with the exceptional quality of minimally-processed organic white tea.  Relax and taste the delicate floral notes accented by fresh coconut, pineapple, and rose petals for a taste of tropical paradise.  Masterfully blended with our organic flavor to create a flavor-filled calming tea, enjoy iced or hot.


Calming aromatic lavender with tropical pineapple and coconut flavors


White Tea*, Lavender*, Coconuts*, Pineapple*, Organic Flavor*, Rose Petal*, Hibiscus*, Lemongrass*, Lemonbalm*, Calendula*, Cornflower*, * Certified Organic


40 Milligrams of Caffeine

Who Grew Your Tea?

China leads the world when it comes to the production of tea.The tea industry accounts for more than 1 million tons of tea harvested annually and employs more than 80 million people. When Fraser Tea founders sought to source its...

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet


2.5 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea

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