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Cinnamon is grown in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It is the dried inner bark of two trees of the laurel family that grow in Asia. Extremely aromatic, cinnamon offers a sweet and spicy taste. Use of cinnamon dates back to ancient Egypt. This warm spice has calming effect. Cinnamon has antioxidant properties and often used to ease an upset stomach, bloating and gas, as well as an anesthetic to fight bacteria, viruses and yeast infections.
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Grown in Thailand, ginger is an ancient flowering plant that grows about 3 feet tall. It's characterized by green leaves and yellow flowers that create rhizome, or ginger root. The spice is one of the most common flavor additives and known for its medicinal properties. With its strong aroma and flavor, ginger enhances many of our teas. Ginger is thought to be useful in battling cancer, inflammation and heart disease and often recommended to settle a sour stomach. 
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Peppercorns are the dried fruit of a woody flowering vine native to Asia. Peppercorns are known for it's warm, welcoming aroma and a spicy flavor. Fraser Tea uses peppercorns to add depth and balance into our chai blends. Thought to help reduce cognitive impairment, peppercorns are good for the stomach and known to provide respiratory relief. 


Spicy organic chai combines with superior blends of organic black tea, spicy cinnamon, grated ginger, and chili pepper to craft Overdrive Chai Organic Black Tea.  A take on the traditional masala chai tea, this unique blend epitomizes the balance between heat and sweetness. Add a touch of milk and sugar for a relaxing and indulgent drink or brew and drink it as-is for a mid-day pick-me-up.


Spicy and warm cinnamon flavors with intoxicating exotic chai aromas


Black Tea*, Cardamom Seed*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Organic Flavor*, Chili Pepper*, Peppercorn*     *Certified Organic


70 Milligrams or More of Caffeine

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet

195 - 205°F

3 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea

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