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Peppermint is a cross between a water mint and spearmint plant. Grown in Washington State, peppermint derives some of its greatest benefits from the pure and moist mountain air which helps enhance the oils in the plant leaves. Fraser Tea uses organic peppermint as a refreshing, minty component in many of our teas. Organic peppermint  helpful in calming the digestive system, sweetening the breath and soothing stomach aches.
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Safflower is a thistle-like annual plant that produces a tall flower in either yellow, red or orange. It is one of the oldest crops and dates back to the Egyptian times. The Safflower aroma is sweet, chocolaty and slightly pungent. It tastes mild, neutral and slightly bitter. Many believe safflower may help protect the body against cardiovascular disease.
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Spearmint is a perennial plant and a species of mint that grows well in warmer climates. Around since ancient times, spearmint has a fresh, slightly sweet flavor and is milder than peppermint. Spearmint's unique  flavor gives many of our teas a refreshing taste. It is thought to help aid  in digestion and boost respiratory health.


Peppermint Stick organic herbal tea will infuse your senses with a perfect balance of peppermint and spearmint for a refreshing and crisp flavor. Invigorating and minty, crisp and sweet-smelling — like a holiday candy cane in your cup. 


Refreshing minty blend to invigorate your senses


Peppermint*, Spearmint*, Organic Flavor*, Safflower*  * Certified Organic


No Caffeine

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Fraser Tea handpicks only the finest tea leaves, flowers, herbs, and bark from sustainable farms across the globe to craft its organic tea and original blends. Ingredients are sourced as far away as India, China, South Africa, Sri Lanka and...

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet


5 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea

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