Handpicked from Around the World

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Fraser Tea handpicks only the finest tea leaves, flowers, herbs, and bark from sustainable farms across the globe to craft its organic tea and original blends. Ingredients are sourced as far away as India, China, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Spain - and as close as Canada and Michigan. Certified Tea Sommeliers John Fraser, Bernard Fraser and Tom Fraser handcraft each tea blend for taste, and with health and well-being in mind. As founders of Fraser Tea and master blenders, they take great care to honor the natural essence of each ingredient and style of tea. From traditional time-honored teas like Earl Grey Organic Black Tea or Sechung Oolong Organic Oolong Tea to creamy Matcha Latte Organic Green Tea and whimsical blends like Fruity Bubblegum Organic White Tea, each variety begins with the taste of its origins.

Fraser Tea sources fresh green tea leaves from tea gardens in China. Look for Sencha green tea or coveted varieties like Lung Ching green tea; Chun Lu green tea or Bancha green tea to come from this region. Gykuro Green and the mocktail inspired Sweet Sangria flavors are also derived from China. Matcha teas, an important addition to any Japanese Tea Ceremony, come from Japan.

India is a region known for its rich Assam and other black teas. Tea leaves and fresh ingredients grown in India traveled to Fraser Tea to become inspired mocktail teas like Sparkling Champagne or Trappist Blend. Taste the essence of a family breakfast in Grandma's Blueberry organic tea or the new take on tradition with Cream Earl Grey, Assam, Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast or Nilgiri organic black teas. All were found on sustainable farms in India. Ceylon organic black tea comes to Fraser Tea from Sri Lanka, where the finest Ceylons are grown.

Herbal and white teas can be found in many regions of the country. The origin of Chocolate CoconutĀ herbal tea can be traced to Turkey, Egypt, Germany and the United States. Also grown in the USA, as well as Canada, Thailand and Spain are organic herbal teas and ingredients found in Berry Blue and Take me to the Tropics.

To gather the very best organic rooibos teas available, Fraser Tea relies on ingredients - including the organic honey bush - grown to perfection in South Africa. Without them Organic Rooibos ImmuniTEA Tea, Organic Green Rooibos Tea and Chocolate Cream organic rooibos might not be possible.