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Embark on a journey of heightened tea enjoyment with our exceptional organic matcha tea from Japan. Fraser Tea® stands in a league of its own, boasting an unmatched quality that stems from the richness of our farm-direct Japanese green tea.

Much of this excellence is attributed to the nutrient-rich volcanic soil, a factor that sets it apart from the crowd. The result? A delicious tasting matcha that offers a wealth of additional nutrients for optimal health benefits.

A Glimpse into History

The history of matcha tea stretches back nearly a millennium. Remarkably, its origins trace back to China rather than Japan. During the Tang dynasty, the concept of matcha began to take shape. Tea leaves were steamed, roasted, and pulverized into a fine powder, which was then compressed into convenient tea bricks for ease of transport and trade.

However, it was in Japan that matcha truly found its perfection. A Japanese Buddhist monk, who had been studying in China, returned to Japan with tea seeds and the knowledge of how to prepare powdered green tea.

The Zen Buddhist monks refined the process, introducing techniques such as shaded cultivation, steaming, drying, de-stemming, and grinding on ancient stone wheels. This mastery gave birth to the matcha tea we know today, accompanied by the timeless Japanese tea ceremony that continues to be cherished.

Fraser Tea organic ceremonial matcha tin and a wooden bowl of bright green matcha powder.

Quality Farms and Certifications

Amidst the multitude of tea farms in Japan, Fraser Tea® stands firm in sourcing only from the finest. Our matcha comes exclusively from premium tea farms in Japan that hold esteemed certifications, including United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic, gluten-free, kosher certified, non-GMO project certified, and Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard certified (JAS). The JAS certification, akin to the USDA organic certification, underlines our commitment to quality.

Geographic Significance

The geographic location of the tea fields in Japan significantly impacts matcha's taste and quality. Many of the tea farms we collaborate with are situated in Kagoshima, Japan, a region adjacent to the active Sakurajima volcano.

The volcanic ash enriches the soil, infusing the tea plants with elevated levels of antioxidants and chlorophyll. This natural infusion not only imparts matcha with its distinct umami flavor and vibrant green color but also contributes to its exceptional health benefits.

Wooden spoonful of bright green organic ceremonial matcha powder.

Expertise of Tea Farmers

With over 70 years of experience, the Japanese tea farmers we partner with are true experts in their craft. Their profound knowledge in employing organic farming methods, coupled with their meticulous care during the final weeks of growth, is pivotal in crafting premium matcha tea. Their dedication ensures that each step of the production process maintains a high standard of precision and excellence:

Growing and Harvesting: Cultivation in fertile soil using organic methods and shade grown.

Processing: Selecting prime tencha tea leaves, steaming to prevent oxidation, and retaining the natural umami and sweetness through careful processing.

Drying and Deveining: Essential steps for quality preservation.

Stone Grinding: Transforming tea leaves into fine powder for that silky smooth mouth feel in a latte or for ease of adding in a Green Tea Tiramisu dessert.

Whisking matcha in a beautiful dark Japanese matcha bowl.

Chashi Tea Master

One of the most distinctive aspects of our tea sourcing is the guidance of a 10th-level Chashi Tea Master. This illustrious rank signifies the highest level of Japanese tea expertise, a designation held by only a select few. Presently, a mere 13 individuals in Japan have attained this esteemed title.

A Chashi Tea Master is a specially trained artisan who dedicates their life to meticulously selecting and blending tea leaves to craft the most delightful and antioxidant-rich matcha. Comparable to a master sommelier in the world of wines, the nuances, and intricacies of matcha drinking are akin to the fine art of wine appreciation.

Elevate Your Matcha Experience – Discover the Extraordinary!

Come and explore our organic matcha tea selection from Japan! Whether you enjoy the pristine earthy goodness of our first harvest Ceremonial Matcha, organic matcha or enjoy a matcha smoothie with one of our fair trade flavored matcha teas, we have something just for you.

Experience the unparalleled flavor, aroma, and benefits that our Japanese green tea brings to your cup. Visit Fraser Tea® to explore our selection and order your own exceptional organic matcha blend.