Tea from Japan

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In Japan, tea is the most popular beverage and a preferred part of Japanese culture. Though so many varieties tea may be grown in the region, green tea may be most connected to its origin in Japan. It is the central focus of any traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and cultivated country-wide.

For Fraser Tea owners, it was a specific variety of green tea that appealed to owners - matcha. Only the highest quality leaves are used when crafting matcha tea, a powdered and fragrant version of green tea. Those high-quality leaves are dried and milled to form a fine green powder. Unlike so many forms of tea that are steeped from leaves or flowers, matcha tea is whisked briskly back and forth in hot water to form a powerful tea.

Taste the finest flavors and blends in a Fraser Signature Tea like Emperor's Finest Matcha or Matcha Latte.