Green Tea Tiramisu

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Green Tea Tiramisu dessert cups are made with layers of Imperial Matcha Organic Green Tea infused graham crackers, vegan matcha yogurt, strawberries and non-dairy topping.

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9 Reasons to Love our Green Tea Tiramisu!

There is nothing like getting a big boost of healthy antioxidants in a delicately sweet and fun treat. Unlike the traditional tiramisu with lady fingers, espresso, liquor, mascarpone cheese and whipped cream, our vegan matcha tiramisu is lower in calories, lower in fat, has no alcohol.

You are going to love this green tea tiramisu made without eggs. This healthy snack is super creamy and light. One bite of the creamy matcha yogurt, strawberry and slightly crisp and tender matcha infused graham cracker and you will be hooked. This dessert recipe could be best described as a hybrid of matcha fruit parfait and tiramisu.

So healthy you could eat it for breakfast
Vegan and gluten free
Quick and easy dessert
No Bake dessert or healthy snack
Can be made in advance
High in antioxidants
Easy to find ingredients
Caffeine Boost
Feeling of euphoria from the calming matcha


Serves 2

Prep Time: 15 minutes


 matcha tiramisu

In a bowl add ½ tablespoon of Imperial Matcha Organic Green Tea powder or one of our other organic Matcha blends of choice. (Reserve the other half of the matcha for the yogurt.) Add 1 teaspoon of sugar or sugar alternative to the matcha tea powder.

Pour hot water over the matcha and sugar and blend well until all the lumps are dissolved. Set Matcha sugar liquid aside.  This will be used to coat your graham crackers in the assembly steps.

For a layered affect, separate the yogurt into 2 different bowls. Add 8 ounces of yogurt to each bowl. In the first bowl, add ½ tablespoon of Imperial Matcha Organic Green Tea into 8 ounces of the yogurt and mix well until well incorporated. This will produce a nice creamy green color. For the second bowl, keep 8 ounces of the vanilla yogurt plain. Now, you should have one bowl of creamy white yogurt and 1 bowl of creamy matcha green tea yogurt.

Choose 2 clear glasses to display your matcha tiramisu. We used stemless wine glasses that hold 2 cups (16 ounces) of fluids to the top.

Assembly: To get the layered look shown in the accompanying photos, break graham crackers along the demarcated lines. Dip graham cracker sections one at a time into the matcha sugar liquid. Submerge VERY QUICKLY on both sides. Just a second on each side so that they are wet on the outside but crispy on the inside. After you complete the quick dip of the graham crackers place into the bottom of the clear glasses. We broke the dipped crackers in half just so they fit easily in the glasses. You will use just 2 whole graham crackers (or 8 sections) for the bottom of both glasses. Keep the remaining graham crackers dry while you start the layering process. You will complete 3 whole layers, using 2 full graham crackers each time.

Next, place a couple of tablespoons of plain vanilla yogurt on top of the matcha dipped graham crackers. Then, on top of the plain vanilla yogurt add a few slices of strawberries. On top of the strawberries, add a dollop of the Matcha green tea yogurt. Next, break another 2 graham crackers on the demarcated line and dip one at time very quickly on both sides into the Matcha sugar liquid and place on top of the Matcha green tea yogurt.

Complete 2 more layers using the same process described above.

Finally, top each glass with a whipped regular topping if desired. (We used non-dairy coconut milk to keep it dairy free.) Garnish with strawberries and a sprinkle of organic matcha.


Imperial Matcha Organic Green Tea

Recipe Notes

  • Best if enjoyed within 1-2 days after preparing but can be stored up to 3 days covered in the refrigerator. In addition, our matcha tiramisu recipe can be frozen in a freezer safe container for up to 2 months.
  • Feel free to us other berries such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberry in this recipe. Fresh is best as frozen will leave your dessert soggy.
  • We have dairy sensitivities, so we choose to use non-dairy yogurt and whipped topping. However, feel free to use regular if no dairy issues.

What is Matcha?

Even though regular green tea and Matcha come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, Matcha is processed differently. The farmers cover the tea plants during the last 20 to 30 days before harvest. This process performs two very important functions. The number of amino acids and chlorophyll increases in the plant. Secondly, this increases the number of antioxidants and gives the organic Matcha it’s bright green hue. Finally, the whole tea leaves are ground into a fine powder using the Japanese stone methods. The finished Matcha is then ready to drink or use in a recipe like our Green Tea Tiramisu.

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Our Imperial Matcha Organic Green Tea is packed with the nutritional benefits of 10 cups of conventional green tea. Check out our post on Benefits of Drinking Tea Everyday to learn more about the Health benefits of matcha green tea. One health benefit you may not know about is matcha’s ability to calm and relax.

Have you ever tried Matcha before? Whether you enjoy a frothy Organic Matcha Latte Green Tea or our Japanese matcha tiramisu, you can enjoy these calming effects. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in matcha that promotes calmness and tranquility after consuming, according to a study by K. Unno et al. Ceremonial grade matcha provides the best health benefits. Fraser Tea’s Matcha and blends are organic. Check out our post, What is Organic Tea, to learn more about the health benefits of drinking organic tea blends. We offer only organic tea to provide you with the best Japanese green tea online.

Does Matcha Tea have Caffeine?

Yes, matcha has caffeine. One serving of our Imperial Matcha Organic Green Tea contains 60 mg of caffeine. However, our Blueberry Matcha Organic Green Tea has 70mg of caffeine per serving. However, our Emperor’s Finest Berry Matcha Organic Green Tea made with sencha, creamy matcha and berries has only 50 mg of caffeine.

  Matcha Organic Green Tea 

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