Skin & Beauty Tea

Fraser Tea Skin and beauty collection was are crafted with attention to the natural skin health benefits of tea and Rooibos. Try them for a healthy glow.

Skin & Beauty Tea

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  • Featured Product Organic Fair Trade

    Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Rainbow Rooibos herbal tea is colorful and bright packed with organic fruit. This organic tea is healthy, flavorful, caffeine -free and great hot or over ice.

Tea for Skin & Beauty

health and wellness skin and beauty fraser teaWhether a harsh winter wind or intense sunshine is out to sabotage your skin, there is a natural defense hiding in your teacup. Fraser Tea founders handcraft teas from the highest quality sustainable farms and partner with growers who share a dedication to preserving our surroundings. So the leaves and all organic ingredients that go into blends like Fraser Tea Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea or Decaf Earl Grey Organic Black Tea are safe and support a healthy beauty regimen. For smooth and glowing skin, stay hydrated and consider traditional tea flavors, too. Make Mango Tango Rooibos, Tropical Night Herbal, Rainbow Organic Rooibos or ImmuniTea Rooibos part of a healthy diet and your skin will show and wellness skin and beauty fraser tea