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Ceylon Organic Black Tea


Ceylon, our top notch Organic Fair Trade Certified Indian black tea, comes hand-picked from a tea farm in Sri Lanka. Setting itself apart from other varieties of black tea, our Organic Fair Trade Certified Ceylon black tea is flavorful and fragrant evoking fruit-forward notes and woody molasses. Brew a pot and enjoy the abundant health benefits and bold flavor provided in each delicious cup.


Woody and fruity fragrance with a scent of molasses and smooth flavor


Organic Fair Trade Certified Black Tea


70 milligrams or more of caffeine

Who Grew Your Tea?

India is among the highest-producing tea regions in the world today. It is known as the origin or birthplace of Assam and other fine black teas. Historically, evidence of the consumption of tea dates to 750 BC in India where...

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet

195 - 205°F

3 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea

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