Organic Lavender grown in France and part of the mint family, it is identified by its purple petals. This herb has distinctive aroma and floral flavor.

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    Lavender Night Organic White Tea

    Organic Lavender Night organic white tea combines the tranquil properties of organic lavender flowers with fragrant, pineapples and apricots to help you relax.

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    Blueberry Organic Rooibos Tea

    Caffeine-free Blueberry Organic Rooibos tea is bursting with sweet Michigan blueberries, tart hibiscus, and is available in non-GMO tea bags or loose leaf.

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    Lavender Paradise Organic White Tea

    Escape on a virtual holiday with our calming Lavender Paradise Organic White Tea. This premium white tropical tea is bursting with fruits and floral notes.

Grown in Provence France and derived from the mint family, lavender is identified by its purple petals.  Lavender flowers are gathered when they first start to bloom, then dried on cloths. Fraser Tea uses lavender for its unique pronounced aroma and agreeable floral flavor. Herbalists recommend Lavender to treat migraines, ease digestion problems and to sooth the nervous system.