Tea Infuser


The process of brewing the perfect cup of tea begins with the right tools. Our Fraser Tea Infuser makes the process easy for an enjoyable beverage.

The Fraser Tea Infuser is BPA-free and brews 16.9 ounces of tea at one time.

Simply add any loose organic Fraser Tea to the filter of the tea infuser. Then add hot water. Steep tea for the recommended time. Then, place the filter on top of your favorite tea cup or mug. In just seconds, freshly brewed tea will fill the cup. Lift the filter and the flow of tea will stop instantly.

About our teaware

Fraser Tea founders understand the importance of crafting the perfect cup of tea. From timeless traditions to tea ceremonies and a glass of iced tea on the run, Fraser Tea offers high quality accessories to make the process of brewing healthy and organic tea simple. From stainless steel tea infusers to bamboo matcha whisks, cast iron tea pots to glass iced tea makers, all accessories are crafted with wellness in mind.

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