TO-GO Tea Bottle

"Introducing the 'Henrik' To-Go Bottle - Brew Tea On the Move with Ease!

Our 'Henrik' To-Go Bottle is the perfect companion for tea enthusiasts who crave quality brews while on the go. Crafted with precision and innovation, this double-walled glass bottle simplifies your tea-making process, ensuring a delightful tea experience no matter where you are.

Key Features:

  • Brewing Brilliance: Fill the glass lid with your tea of choice and the glass body with hot water. Flip the bottle upside down, allowing the brewing process to work its magic. Afterward, flip it back, unscrew the lid and strainer, and relish your freshly brewed tea, made effortlessly.

  • Exceptional Materials: Crafted from robust and temperature-resistant borosilicate glass, the 'Henrik' To-Go Bottle ensures both hygiene and effortless cleaning. Its high-quality stainless steel strainer promises longevity and rust-free use, making it a durable choice for tea lovers.

  • Portable Perfection: With a height of 8.3 inches (21 cm), a diameter of 1.7 inches (4.3 cm), and a generous 0.25-liter capacity, the 'Henrik' To-Go Bottle is designed for mobility and convenience. Its silicon sleeve adds a touch of style while providing a secure grip.

Elevate your tea journey with the 'Henrik' To-Go Bottle, your ideal partner for brewing tea on the move. Enjoy the freedom to savor your favorite blends, and experience the convenience of this meticulously designed tea companion.

Experience tea at its finest with the 'Henrik' To-Go Bottle - the future of tea on the go."

About our teaware

Fraser Tea founders understand the importance of crafting the perfect cup of tea. From timeless traditions to tea ceremonies and a glass of iced tea on the run, Fraser Tea offers high quality accessories to make the process of brewing healthy and organic tea simple. From stainless steel tea infusers to bamboo matcha whisks, cast iron tea pots to glass iced tea makers, all accessories are crafted with wellness in mind.