Yerba Mate Gourd


Enhance your Yerba Mate tea drinking experience with our beautiful artisan Yerba Mate Gourd. The mate cup is ergonomically shaped, easy to clean with a sturdy aluminum ring to extract the maximum amount of nutrients when brewing yerba mate tea.

Every bottle shaped gourd, from the Calabash plant, has a unique shape, size, and color. They are naturally grown, dried and then hand carved. The purpose of drinking Yerba Mate, in this popular Latin American cup, is to enhance the flavor of the organic tea.

For the full traditional experience, sip your mate through our sturdy Yerba Mate Bombilla and try it with our selection of energizing organic yerba mate teas.

How to Season and Care for your New Yerba Mate Gourd

It is important to cure your mate cup so that it does not split or crack. You can have many years of enjoyment if you follow this simple curing process and care steps.

Step 1 – Gently remove any natural occurring residue in the cup like plant material or seeds. Wash your gourd with warm water only- no soap. Use a spoon and gently scrape to remove any debris. Add a little salt as this acts as a natural abrasive and disinfectant. Rub gently, clean and rinse.

Step 2 – Next, fill the yerba mate gourd with used or wet (damp) yerba mate tea leaves to cure the gourd and leave set for 24 hours. You can also split open mate tea bags if you do not have loose leaf tea. Do not fill the gourd with water as this may lead to mold formation.

Step 3 – Remove the damp yerba mate tea leaves and discard. Rinse the mate gourd with warm water and allow to dry.

Step 4 - Your dried gourd is now cured and ready for use. Please remember to remove the used tea leaves and brewed tea water after each use to prevent mold formation. Allow gourd to dry fully between uses to prevent cracking and splitting.

About our teaware

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