Organic Tea

What is organic tea?  Consider this - Tea is plucked and then dried - never undergoing a washing process so the first time the tea leaves are washed are when they are in your cup. Since nearly all tea is grown in countries where the pesticides and herbicides are often not regulated as they are in the United States the founders decided in the beginning that they would offer only USDA Certified Organic Tea to our customers.

 At Fraser tea we consider Organic tea to be a combination of the tea leaves, the herbs, fruits and spices and additionally any added flavor. The combination of these components are what make our teas truly organic. 

The Tea Leaves At Fraser Tea we source only the finest USDA certified organic tea from around the world. 

The Ingredients In custom blending our proprietary blends we wanted to use not only the finest organic tea but also the freshest organic ingredients. Fraser Tea extensively searches the world for organic fruits, herbs and vegetables that are Certified Organic.

The flavor  Many teas consumed in the United States are flavored with artificial, natural flavors, fillers and oils. The idea to offer an organic tea blend but then to use these "chemically enhanced" flavors does not make sense to us. We use no artificial flavors or fillers and Organic flavors.

Ensuring our products are truly organic and certified was a founding principle of Fraser Tea. It's important to us to produce teas and blends that have not been altered by potentially harmful chemicals. Drinking tea should be a pure experience and we work to maintain that by offering only truly certified organic tea. 

Solar Powered Bug Catcher in Organic Tea Feild

Image of a solar powered bug catcher in organic tea field.