Organic Matcha Tea

Organic Matcha teas are long prized as a healthy beverage choice and Fraser Tea handcrafts an array of matcha blends to appeal to many different tea drinkers.

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Organic Matcha Tea

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  • Vanilla Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Vanilla Matcha organic green tea blends organic vanilla with Matcha, delicious alone or a healthy addition in your morning smoothie or baked deserts.

  • Raspberry Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Raspberry Matcha organic green tea blends organic raspberries with matcha. Try this brewed or sprinkle it on yogurt and snacks for a boost of flavor!

  • Organic Matcha Latte Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Matcha Latte green tea was handcrafted for those who love a bold morning tea, Matcha provides a boost of energy and is loaded with anti-oxidants.

  • Blueberry Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Love Matcha? You'll want to try our Blueberry Matcha organic green tea. This sweet blend is handcrafted by Fraser Tea to create a bold and refreshing beverage.

  • Mango Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Mango Matcha green tea is anti-oxidant-rich with a touch of sweetness and tropical flavor, this tea not only tastes good - it is good for you.

  • Mango Peach Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Mango Peach organic matcha is packed with anti-oxidants. Drink it as a Matcha or add it to a smoothie or any recipe for a sweet healthy boost.

  • Cinnamon Swirl Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Cinnamon Swirl Organic Matcha artfully blends sweet and spice to create a flavor sensation. Rich with powerful antioxidants, this matcha blend is a winner!

Organic Matcha Tea

organic matcha tea fraser teaMatcha is characterized by a vibrant green, finely ground powder made from the Camellia sinesis plant. It originated in China during the Tang Dynasty. At the time powered tea had gained favor across Japan. Buddhist monks helped make this style an integral part of the Japanese tea culture.

Matcha is grown in China and Japan, and both claim to offer the highest quality. Fraser Tea offers unique Fair Trade Certified varieties like creamy Matcha Latte, bright Raspberry Matcha, or Cinnamon Swirl Matcha, an organic green tea take on sweet and spicy. This isn't the matcha you've tried before.

The process of making matcha begins many weeks before harvest when the tea is shaded. The conditions force the plant to produce more chlorophyll which makes the plant darker, increases the amino acid theanine and increases the tea's caffeine level.

The leaves are then plucked, steamed, dried and milled into a fine emerald green talc-like powder. There are several grades of matcha available. They range from top ceremonial grades to cooking grades of the tea. The powder is added to hot water, mixed with a whisk and bowl to create a frothy blend. Then, it's ready to drink.

organic match fraser teaIt is the combination of relaxing amino acid theanine with the stimulating caffeine that develops the effect matcha drinkers refer to as calm energy. This tea was used regularly by Buddhist monks in meditation and is effective for anyone looking to increase awareness, alertness and focus. Samurai warriors in medieval Japan drank matcha to prepare for battle, for us, it's a reviving way to wake and drive to work in the morning.

Drinking a cup of matcha has the equivalent health benefits to drinking 10 cups of green tea. That means all the benefits are amplified. This tea may contains the highest level of epigallocatechin (EGCG) of any tea. It is a powerful antioxidant that kills free radicals, therefore it may offer protection from cancer, inflammation, heart disease and diabetes. It's high levels of chlorophyll may also assist in detoxifying the body.

Known as the espresso of the tea world, matcha is known for its strong, bold flavor and unfailing ability to perk you up. It tastes very green, with vegetal and seaweed notes. Fraser Teas have created many matcha blends, using an organic sugar and organic flavor that are not available anywhere else. These bold flavors become palatable and are great by themselves or added to a smoothie or baked goods.