Wake Up & Focus Tea

For those who find it a challenge to face the day, Fraser Tea varieties like Morning Blend organic black tea that can enhance your focus. Great hot or iced.

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Wake Up & Focus Tea

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  • Mango Peach Matcha Organic Green Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Mango Peach organic matcha is packed with anti-oxidants. Drink it as a Matcha or add it to a smoothie or any recipe for a sweet healthy boost.

  • Darjeeling Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    Organic Darjeeling Black Tea is considered as the champagne of teas for its distinctive taste Organic Darjeeling tea is one of the world's most coveted teas.

  • Ceylon Organic Black Tea Organic Fair Trade

    At Fraser Tea, this Organic Ceylon black tea sets itself apart from other varieties of black tea with its woodsy and fruit-forward notes. Enjoy hot or over ice!

Tea to Wake Up & Focus

health and wellness wake up and focus fraser teaTea has the ability to improve your mood in the morning or enhance your ability to focus on work throughout the day. Brew up a pot of your favorite Fraser Tea all organic blend and experience its effectiveness. We suggest a Morning Blend Organic Black Tea, Assam Organic Black Tea or - for a touch of vanilla - a Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea to begin any day with purpose. If you gravitate toward other varieties try Focus Organic Green Tea; Iron Goddess of Mercy  or Watermelon Organic Oolong Tea to refresh and get energized to meet your goals. health and wellness wake up and focus fraser tea