Japanese Tea Set

Indulge in the art of tea with the Margaret Blue Tea Set – a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design. Imported from Japan, this exquisite tea set is a testament to Japanese precision and tea culture.

Key Features:

Perfect Size: The teapot, standing at 5 inches (7.75 inches with the handle), offers a generous 19 oz capacity, perfectly designed for sharing your favorite brews. The included strainer ensures a flawless tea experience every time.

Delightful Cups: The set comes complete with 12 charming cups, each with a 6 oz capacity and measuring 2.75 inches in diameter by 3.25 inches in height.

Japanese Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision in Japan, this tea set is a true work of art, combining form and function to create a stunning addition to your tea collection.

Whether you're hosting a tea gathering with friends or savoring a moment of solitude, the Margaret Blue Tea Set promises to elevate your tea-drinking experience. Experience the essence of Japanese tea culture and make every cup memorable with the Margaret Blue Tea Set with Strainer.

About our teaware

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