Tuo Cha Organic Pu-erh Tea Cake


Our fermented Yunnan Tuo Cha Organic Pu-erh Tea Cake brews into a smooth rich dark earthy tea with sweet and mellow fruit notes. Each pour has subtle aroma changes, and it retains its flavor through several infusions.

This traditional Pu-erh (sometimes called pu’er) is ripened using the shou (wet piling) fermentation process.  During this accelerated ripening process, the full-bodied magical flavors develop. Then, the damp ripe organic loose leaf pu-erh leaves are then compacted into compressed into bird nest shaped domes called tuo cha (sometimes referred to as tuocha) to help facilitate the drying process.

Drinking ripe Pu-erh tea may aid in digestion, lower cholesterol, and help support weight loss along with a healthy diet. Enjoy multiple pours using our convenient Tea Infuser. Best enjoyed without cream or sugar.

See our blog about how to prepare this traditional form of pu-erh.  How to Brew Pu-erh tea.


Earthy apricot or ripe fig flavor and aroma with a unique and smooth finish


Organic Pu-erh Tea compressed into 100 g fermented cake


70 Milligrams or More of Caffeine

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet


2-3 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea