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Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa nibs are bits of dried, fermented, roasted and crushed cocoa beans. Cocoa nibs have a chocolate taste but are not naturally sweet. They add depth and complexity to our teas and are rich in antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals. 
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The mango is a juicy stone fruit that is native to Asia and grown in the tropics. Mangos have a sweet, luscious unique flavor that blends very well with other fruits. The antioxidant properties of this fruit may protect against breast, colon and prostate cancers, as well as enhancing digestion and a healthy sex drive.


Indulge in the rich taste of chocolate and sweet honey found in Chocolate Coconut Organic Herbal Tea.  Artfully balanced with added notes of fruit and nuts, it's a great way to taste chocolate without a sip of guilt.  Made with all-organic ingredients and flavors, try it iced or brewed as a hot tea. The daring may even try topping it with a cloud of whipped cream for an extra treat.


Nutty aroma with sweet chocolate and honey notes


Honeybush*,  Cocoa Nibs*, Organic Flavor*,  Coconut*, Goji Berries*, Pineapple*, Mango*,   Cornflower*, Calendula*,   *Certified Organic


No Caffeine

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Brewing Method

1 tsp/sachet


5 min

2 tsp/sachets
for iced tea

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