Yunnan Province, China

Organic Pu-Erh Tea, and Yunnan black, are sourced from the Yunnan Province in Southwestern China. The ideal conditions allow for the finest Pu-erh's.

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    Spicy Chocolate Chai Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Organic Spicy Chocolate Chai organic Pu-erh Tea blends organic chai with Pu-erh and adds in just the right amount of heat and organic chocolate. Its decadent!

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    Chocolate Martini Organic Black Tea

    The Chocolate Martini organic black tea is a guilt free and healthy indulgence. Want to splurge? Add chocolate vodka and organic sugar for a cocktail treat!

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    Polka Dot Bikini Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Organic Polka Dot Bikini Pu-erh tea blends organic Pu-erh with cocoa and Elertho root to help manage weight and increase stamina- a delicious flavorful treat!

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    Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with our sugar free dessert tea! Try our nutty smooth Caramel Cream Organic Pu-erh Tea plain or with milk for a guilt free treat.

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    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh Tea

    Chocolate Truffle Organic Pu-erh is a healthful tea with calming effects. Enjoy the richness of organic chocolate and cream in this fine organic Pu-erh tea.

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    Pu-erh Organic Tea

    This distinctive Organic Pu-erh Tea is handpicked from the Yunnan Provence in China known for its relaxation and health benefits. Enjoy the tea's complexity.

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    Chai Tea Sampler

    Fraser Tea is proud to offer this Organic Chai Tea Sampler Sachet Box.  This sampler box features six different samples of our uniquely crafted organic chai teas.

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    Tuo Cha Organic Pu-erh Tea Cake

    New to Pu-erh tea? Brew our fermented Yunnan Tuo Cha Organic Pu-erh Tea Cake. Rich and smooth dark tea with sweet fruit notes.

Pu-erh, and Yunnan black tea are sourced from the Yunnan Province in Southwestern China. Growing tea in this region has been a tradition dating back more than 2,000 years. Presently there are over 200 species of tea with Pu-erh and black being the most common. Fraser Tea source only the finest  Pu-erh  and Yunnan black tea from this region to craft  it's all organic blends. Pu-erh  is sometimes fermented for decades, with many rare varieties aging for 50-100 or more years. The rarest Pu-erh's sell for over $10,000.00 for a small quantity. The rarest like fine wine and whiskey have been sold at auction for over a 1 million USD.