Organic hibiscus tastes both tart and sweet with a very pleasant full bodied flavor that produces a ruby red liquor. Hibiscus enhances many of our tea blends.

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  • Featured Product Organic Fair Trade

    Rainbow Rooibos Organic Rooibos Tea

    Fair Trade Certified™ Organic Rainbow Rooibos herbal tea is colorful and bright packed with organic fruit. This organic tea is healthy, flavorful, caffeine -free and great hot or over ice.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Peach Mango Organic White Tea

    Organic Peach Mango white tea made with delicate white tea leaves infused with the sweetness of organic tropical mangoes and peaches is as good as it sounds.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Herbal Tea Sampler

    Fraser Tea is proud to present this unique Herbal Tea Sampler Sachet Box. This sampler box features different samples of our uniquely crafted organic Herbal Teas.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Ginger Lemonade Organic Herbal Tea

    Organic Ginger Lemonade Herbal Tea will not only awaken the senses, but also deliver the health benefits of ginger with a lemony finish -enjoyed iced or hot.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Strawberry Hibiscus Organic Herbal Tea

    The refreshing, tangy taste of Fraser Tea's Organic Strawberry Hibiscus will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on your day. This perfect drink hits all our senses with its deep flavors that are rich in aroma as well!

  • Featured Product Organic

    Organic Honeybunch Berry Dandelion Tea

    Organic Honeybunch Berry Dandelion tea is caffeine-free and filled with flavor, enjoy the health benefits of this detoxifying alternative to sugary beverages.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Blueberry Organic Rooibos Tea

    Caffeine-free Blueberry Organic Rooibos tea is bursting with sweet Michigan blueberries, tart hibiscus, and is available in non-GMO tea bags or loose leaf.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Berry Blue Organic Herbal Tea

    Berry Blue organic herbal tea blends Michigan organic sweet cherries with all-natural organic apples, and hibiscus to create a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Watermelon Lemonade Organic Green Tea

    Organic Watermelon Lemonade organic green tea is a thirst-quencher poolside as an organic iced tea treat. Fruity and refreshing this one will not disappoint.

  • Featured Product Organic

    Poolside Pina Colada Organic Black Tea

    Organic Poolside Pina Colada organic black tea blend re-envisioned as an organic tea, we suggest you try it iced - or with a little rum if you dare..

  • Featured Product Organic

    Hibiscus Organic Herbal Tea

    This Organic Hibiscus Tea offers a refreshing tangy-sweet drink hot or iced. This full-bodied tea offers a wonderful crimson red color and is great on its own or combines with other specialty drinks.

Hibiscus, a flowering plant grown in tropical and subtropical climates, consists of large trumpet-shaped flowers with five or more petals. It tastes tart and sweet at the same time with a very pleasant full bodied flavor that produces a ruby red liquor. Fraser Teas uses hibiscus to enhance many of our teas. Consider hibiscus to be nature's answer to candies like Sweet Tarts. It has been known to help alleviate nausea and lower blood pressure.