Adult Tea Party Ideas for Every Occasion

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Have you heard? The hip new trend is tea parties. Try these fun and easy Adult Tea Party Ideas to take your party planning to the next level!

This all-inclusive guide is packed with teatime ideas to make your next gathering a memorable one. Whether you a hosting a holiday, birthday, pool, or graduation party – or even a shower or high tea party, Fraser Tea has an organic tea blend that your guests are going to love.

So, let’s get started! 

The Basics

What do you think about when you hear the words “tea party”? I bet you’re thinking of little girls drinking out of dainty teacups – or grandmothers eating cucumber sandwiches and complaining about the weather.

You’re in for a pleasant surprise as these awesome Adult Tea Party Ideas are going to have your guests talking about this gathering for years to come. Answer these 8 basic questions first as they are essential for hosting a tea party with friends and family.

  • How many guests?
  • What is the date and time?
  • Which venue?
  • How and when will guests be invited?
  • What is the menu?
  • What Fraser Tea Blends need to be ordered to complement the menu, time of the year, event, and preferences of your guests?
  • How will the venue be decorated, and the table be set?
  • Will you be playing any music, games, or participating in any activities?

Tea Party Ideas for Adults

Sharing tea is always a good idea – no matter what the celebration is. Our organic teas are a delicious replacement to sugary soda pops and have many health benefits.  Today, we are going to review the modern chic way to enjoy tea with family and friends starting with these party ideas.

  • Holiday
  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Pool
  • Baby and wedding showers
  • Retirement

Christmas Tea Party

Holiday Tea Parties

Believe it or not, holiday tea parties do not have be a sit-down formal event. Instead, share a delicious cozy pot of tea while hosting a fun and interactive adult holiday party this year.  Make memories together with these hands-on festive ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or a New Year’s Eve party.  

  • Decorate the Christmas Tree party with bulbs, ornaments, ribbons and more while listening to your favorite seasonal music. Pour your guests endless cups of cozy Organic Black Christmas Tea, set out easy appetizers and enjoy a Christmas Tea Party.
  • Adults find Ugly Holiday Sweater Parties even more fun when they get to vote on the most outlandish outfit. Order a few extra boxes Peppermint Stick Organic Herbal Tea to pass out to the winners.
  • Holiday Movie Marathons are complete with buttered popcorn and a glass of Royal Rum & Cola Organic Black Tea. Don your matching pajamas, cozy socks and enjoy “It’s a Wonderful Life” and all the classic Christmas movies. It’s the perfect teatime with friends.
  • Kick it up a few notches with a formal festive dinner party or casual potluck. Serve your favorite teas with dessert.
  • Cook latkes together and enjoy a cup of Apple Spice Gingerbread Organic Black Tea. The naturally sweet apple flavor is a perfect pairing with latkes. The spiced apple tea takes the place of the usual applesauce.
  • Are you planning on hosting a holiday cookie making or decorating party? Did you know that you can bake with tea? You sure can! Make a batch or two of our delicious buttery Earl Grey Orange Cookies together with family and friends.
  • Ring in the New Year with Sparkling Champagne Organic Black Tea. Serve it hot or iced and topped with a little sparkling water for a delicious treat without the hangover.
  • After a large holiday feast, offer a little Ginger Lemonade Organic Herbal Tea to help with digestion. Your guests will thank you. This tea is refreshing either hot or cold and has both peppermint and ginger – good for tummy woes.

Birthday Tea Party 

Birthday Tea Parties

Bring back the joys of a childhood tea party with mismatched cups and saucers, mini sandwiches, scones, macaroons, little cups of Green Tea Tiramisu and have yourself a proper cup of tea. Decorate the table with fresh flowers in an old tea pot, linen napkins, and even hand-made place cards, if you wish.

You may want to have several different tea options available for your guests. Loose Leaf Tea is nice for making endless pots of your favorite tea. We also have a Signature Blend Tea Sampler box with 12 sachets of our popular organic green, black, herbal, pu-erh, oolong, rooibos, and white teas –  something for everyone. Be sure to set the table with sliced lemons, honey or sugar and cream or a non-dairy alternative so your guests can make their tea - just the way they like it.

Surprise the tea lover birthday guest of honor with a Gold Warrior Cast Iron Teapot or a Fraser Tea Gift Card.

Graduation Parties

Thinking about hosting a graduation gathering for your son or daughter without having tempting alcohol nearby? We totally get it! Instead, host a graduation brunch. Keep it simple with this DIY Ultimate Bagel Bar Brunch idea and serve both hot and organic iced tea favorites.

Spring and Summer is a delicious time to enjoy an iced pitcher of Sweet Sangria Organic Green Tea. Add in cut up seasonal fresh fruit like strawberries, pineapples and kiwis with ice and cups on the side so that everyone can help themselves. Bring the event outside for a garden tea party if Mother Nature is cooperating.  Don’t forget to add a few balloons and a corkboard with a few of their photos to celebrate their success.

 Pool Tea Party

Pool Parties

Hello sunshine and lazy days at the pool! Nothing quenches your thirst better on a hot sunny day than a tropical Poolside Pina Colada Organic Black iced tea and a cannon ball off the diving board.

Lucky for you we have so many different iced teas to choose from. Have you tried our new Strawberry Hibiscus Organic Herbal Tea? It is slightly sweet, tart and refreshing without any caffeine.

From a safety perspective it is best to use something shatter-proof, rather than a glass pitcher, around the pool – along with plastic or disposable cups. Don’t forget the fun garnishes like the little wooden drink umbrellas, fresh fruit, lemons, and simple syrup for those who like it sweet. You may also be interested on how to sweeten iced tea without sugar.

Fire up the barbecue grill for some quick crowd-pleasing favorites and a couple of sides like a pasta salad and veggie tray and enjoy a fun filled adult iced tea party at the pool.

Wedding and Baby Shower Tea Parties

Believe it or not baby and bridal showers are the perfect occasion for an adult tea party. They can be as formal or as casual as you like. There are many theme options to choose from. Would the guest of honor prefer a classic English teatime party, a Mad Hatter’s theme or even regency styled tea gathering?

Afternoon tea tastes even better when you drink a from a proper teacup and saucer. Mismatched teacups are a whimsical way to stay on a budget.  Consider visiting estate sales, Etsy or even garage sales to look for tea ware.

If you are looking for a tea with a bright citrus aroma and creamy taste, our Cream Earl Grey Organic Black Tea is available in both regular and decaffeinated. On the other hand, if you would like an elegant floral tea, try our Jasmine Rose Organic Green.

What’s a party without food, right? If you just have one large table, you can serve little teatime treats on high cake stand. Decorate the tables with little slices of Earl Grey Yogurt Cake, Crudité platter, Gluten-Free Lemon Blueberry Muffins, deviled eggs, quiche bites or little tea sandwiches. Make ahead items are best so you can enjoy the time with your guests.

Finally, offer a door prize or some small giveaway as part of the shower festivities. Spoil your guests with a box or a few Fraser Tea® sachets to try at home.

Adult Tea Party

Retirement Tea Party

Retirees, we have not forgotten about you and have saved the best for last.

Bring on the Mocktails or spike them if you dare. After all, these are ideas for an ADULT tea party. Did you know that we have a Mocktail Sampler box? All your favorite cocktails recreated in a unique tea.

A fun idea for a retirement party is to have a tea tasting event. Line up each of the organic Mocktail teas and have your guests guess which one is which – blindfold them to make it more challenging. If this is a work event, you can make this into a team building exercise.

Celebrating a retirement with friends, family and co-workers is a monumental event. Encourage the guests to contribute to a wall of success corkboard by having each invitee add a note or photo of the accomplishments or how they will be missed.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where did tea originate?

Pouring the perfect cup of tea is a time-honored event that originated in China. In the late 1650’s tea was imported to England where over many years they sophisticated the afternoon tea ritual. Eventually tea was traded around the world.

What is the difference between afternoon tea and high tea?

Afternoon Tea is a ritual that started in England which consisted of drinking tea and eating small bites to eat to hold them until ate supper at around 8 pm. This custom was usually reserved for the aristocrats as they had the luxury of eating later.  Afternoon tea consisted of mini-sandwiches, scones, tarts, jams, and little treats to be enjoyed with tea. As a matter of fact, many people in Britain still use the term “Tea” as the synonym for dinner.

Traditional Tea Party

High Tea is another British custom that came about as an alternative to Afternoon Tea for the working class. Tea was expensive and the working class could not afford tea to be consuming all throughout the day. Instead, tea was consumed around 6pm dinner time along with their evening meal. It is speculated that the working class ate their meals at a table with chairs instead of lounging around in comfy sofa chairs like the aristocrats. Thus, it is referred to as “High Tea”.

The term teatime refers to the actual time of the day that tea is served.  Tea (the beverage) was traditionally enjoyed in the later afternoon or early evening. What makes the terms afternoon tea and high tea confusing is that some major hotels incorrectly use the term high tea to describe an extravagant afternoon tea event.

Whether you are hosting a small or large gathering, we hope you found these Adult Tea Party Ideas helpful.

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